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Musings 2008/220

and only allows her children to honour her for the single purpose that she might bring them to her adored Son.

Thus as The Church perceives Mary
from century to century in ever greater splendour,
we understand that we are perceiving Christ
in ever greater Divine-splendour,
for in seeing Mary as this Woman,
in Truth we must look, from century to century,
to The Person for Whom she was created - Jesus Christ.

In this way Truth is shared amongst the children of God in ever more detail, from age to age, so that these children might ever increase their awareness of God's Splendour and the splendour of His creation.
How can we assess the Splendour of God?
Because it is not possible for us mortals to grasp this fullness, we can only assess the possibilities! If we grasp the Stature that God gave to Mary in greater detail down the ages, as revealed by The Universal Church, in accordance with our spiritual and intellectual capacities, then we are compelled to raise our insight to greater and greater appreciation of The Christ, God-with-us, and so, to The Most Holy Trinity, The Almighty.
And as I have previously stated, even today, after 2,000 years, we have yet to grasp the Stature God has given to Mary.
While many already spread the lie that Catholics adore Mary, they do not have a clue of the highest dignity that The Church has given to Mary. If they thought that Catholicism adored Mary in past centuries they are behind the times for Mary's Dignity has been portrayed yet higher and higher.
And we have not yet reached her fullness!!
It is a sad tale for those who point to Catholics as adoring Mary;
they do not appreciate Scripture in the least or appreciate The Church of Christ and His Vicar on earth, the Pope.
Indeed, many of these critics have less love for Jesus Christ then Catholics have for Mary!
Their appreciation of God and of His Christ are at an all time low for they compare their 'adoration' for Christ with the Catholic's love for Mary!!!
And, because their 'adoration' for Christ is below the Catholic's  love for Mary, they are bewildered and claim that The Universal Church worships Mary and has lost contact with The Christ.
When in fact, it is they that have lost contact for, if they had devotion to Mary, they would have realised that this devotion,   accelerating greatly from age to age, is God's sure and pure and truthful avenue of accessing and assessing The Truth that is Jesus Christ and of His Salvation for all creation.
Joseph, The Patriarch.
So, if Protestants are astonished with what I have said about The Woman of Scripture, they will now have more to be astonished about.
For Mary's husband, Joseph, is likewise, to be given the greatest devotion.
Joseph also is adorable!!
He too, has been raised to greatness before The Almighty, and Catholics everywhere, praise him and yearn for his favour.
Just as Joseph and his splendour are realised from age to age, in parallel with his Spouse, Mary - Spouse also of The Spirit of Love - God's children recognise the magnificence of creation and of The Creator, in recognising Joseph.

For the splendour of Joseph
is surpassed only
by the splendour of Mary.

The splendours of Mary and Joseph are unsurpassed because of their Child, Jesus. It is He that provides them with Greatness. It is for His sake that Mary and Joseph are raised to unequalled greatness.
It is through The Infinite
Merits of their Son that Mary and Joseph are resplendent before The Creator and before all creation but it is also for the personal worth of each of them and for the personal worth of us, for we are their children.
What a loss of blessing and of favour for those who do not see Mary as their Mother and Joseph as their Father (while they might still accept, strangely, that Jesus is their Brother!!)
The Archangel
Because of Mary's and Joseph's total and personal contact with The Son of God - their own Son, Jesus - their stature is above all creatures. This contact is not available even to the Angels of God.
Even The Archangel - Raphael, Gabriel, Michael - they, whom I contend to be, one angelic being, three exquisite persons, perfectly reflecting The Holy Trinity - take a place below Mary
and Joseph.
The Archangel, at the same time, is the most perfect of all creatures,
in himself. Not even Mary or Joseph can compare with The Archangel in the manner in which I write - I say.
It is the fact that because Jesus, Son of God, God-himself, has become the Son of Mary and Joseph, that The Archangel, with ultimate praise to The Almighty, even in his unparallel loyalty and power, places himself at the service of Mary and Joseph.
And in stating this, I feel that the wondrous humility of the Archangel, his appreciation for and participation in, Goodness and Truth, must be superbly-perfect; must be a glory within Eternity; his sharing of The Love of God, immeasurable.
There is nothing new in all this for we have long been taught to appreciate The Almighty by appreciating what He has created; to perceiving the Beauty of God by seeing the beauty of creation.
This also we do by appreciating the Saints and Holy Souls as well as the unending beauty and immensity of the universe.
By penetrating the majesty of Mary and Joseph and The Archangel, which can probably never be fully appreciated by us, the Majesty that is Jesus Christ, Himself, becomes that much clearer to our souls and His Divinity becomes more observable.
Yet in this fashion of reaching a greater humility, the Greatness of Christ does not become a barrier to closeness with Him, for Mary's stature is still that of a creature and we, creatures too, as her children, accompany her into the glorious panorama of Christ's Eternal-jubilation - thereby, becoming even more intimate!
As part of a family, we join with Joseph to become a participant in the Love of The Spirit.
And with The Archangel and sharing his loyalty and power, we become intimate with Jesus, for our fear of the Lord becomes a treasure for us - it becomes a shield so to speak - enabling us to overcome our own sinfulness and loss of
merit, to languish in His Embrace.
So that the incredible and holy loftiness of Mary, Joseph and The Archangel not only point to the Divine-majesty of Christ

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