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Musings 2008/220

but allow and encourage us to the greatest intimacy with them and with Him - an incomparable intimacy.
How fortunate we are to belong to The Church which has always encouraged devotion to Mary and the Saints!
The Universal Church - The Chair of Truth
As Pope Leo XIII says in his prayer to the Archangel Michael,
P  In the Holy Place itself,
where has been set up
the See of the most holy Peter
and the Chair of Truth
for the light of the world

we immediately glimpse
the grandeur of The Church.

We may hear sermons of great men - even of Saints - and we may read of facts of science presented to the world by the great men and women, but when we have our personal doubts about The Creator and creation and what it all means, there is only one place to turn and that is

The Universal Church.

We can read the oft-quoted Doctors of The Church but our peace of mind is always to be found in the Doctrines of The Church.
Scripture is a wonderful source of every type of Grace from God but even here, with so many differing translations, and so many suggested variations in what the translations actually mean, we may find ourselves still in doubt.
Even with respect to Scripture we must look to The Church Who, we must always recall,
wrote Scripture.
It was the Catholics of the first century who wrote what The Spirit inspired them, and it was the Prophets of the People of God, the Hebrew Nation before Christ, who put to paper what The Spirit directed.
It was The Church Who chose what are the true Books of Scripture of both the Old and the New Testament.
It is The Church - only - Who is
enabled to reliably teach what Scripture means.
How grand is the sentence of Leo XIII

The Chair of Truth.

That says it all but Scripture confirms that most satisfying pronunciation:- The Church is the pillar and ground of The Truth. 3  15 Paul to Timothy.
When our first Pope replied to Christ -
50 6 69  And Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. John - he made a statement that we can all use with regard to The Church, Christ's Mystical Body.
Turning away from The Church is the same as turning away from Christ.
There is no where else to go.
Therefore to find consolation the sinner must look to The Universal Church and make every effort to discover Her Doctrine, rising above the apostates of our time (even - and more so - when they claim to be
Only through this
Chair of Truth will a person find rest and peace even should The Truth hurt and the demands of The Church seem onerous.
The results of turning away from The Church.
We see everywhere the results of turning away from The Church and Her Doctrine - tens of thousands of Christian denominations as well as, even, non-Christian churches - all teaching differing doctrine and some even, preaching against The Universal Church, calling Her abominable names!
In this astonishing disunity and disharmony, we realise the mighty power of deception of the evil one in that he has orchestrated the undermining foundation of each division.
We realise the awesome dominance of the devil in and around the world even more especially when we recall the vicious victories of modernism
within The Church which still cling to Her in careless Parishes and even Dioceses!
In centuries ahead the dead carcass of modernism, seen in all its massiveness, horridness and deadliness by the people of those times will cause them to be in wonder that The Church survived such an all-out mammoth attack.
They will perceive The Work of God in Her survival.
They will point to the Work of Her great Saints, such as John Paul The Great, Sister Faustina and Mothers Teresa and Angelica and the innumerable other great men and women of the twentieth century - millions of them, in fact.
They will understand it was The Universal Church Herself Who miraculously defeated modernism, through the
Merits of Christ and the Grace of God in Her members -

through Her tenacious hold
on Truth.

In this hind-sight, they will be shocked to the core on how easy and completely deception was introduced everywhere into The Church of Truth - into Her schools and universities; even into Her Priesthood! They will see how deception waylaid hundreds of millions of Catholics, turning them away from Truth because they will understand that The Truth of Catholicism was grasped by unworthy hands, evilly reconstructed and, clothed in Catholic expression, spread everywhere.
While Truth has always been waylaid by the devil, these future generations will fearfully consider just how it affected so many
Catholics of the twentieth century - given over to the devil.
How was it possible millions of
Catholics were betrayed and even, shockingly, that many grasped with enthusiasm the doctrines of deception!!?
This fact will terrify our coming generation realising as they will, that they too are sinful humans needful of Christ's Infinite
Merits and of His Church's unadulterated Doctrine.
Just as we have come to realise the glorious Gift we have in the Priesthood and in the real-Catholic Priest, having witnessed the treachery of and appalled by, so many renegade Priests around the world, they will similarly realise, through our experiences, the unsurpassed Value of Truth found only in fullness in The Church.
It is no wonder that The Church will become
the light for the world, having survived the century of the devil and emerging intact and energetic and ready to preach The Gospel everywhere - that is to say, having resurrected from virtual death.
We who are part of this resurrected Church are truly privileged even though we may still experience the dreadfulness of modernism in our memory - our souls barely and painfully recovering from the trauma - and even as we still suffocate in the stench of post-modernism.
What adorable Grace from God we have had to be able to remain in the Avenue of Truth over the past century. Each of us can surely point to various circumstances in our lives whereby we were secured in our Membership of The Church - in Her

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