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Musings 2008/220

It is as though we were given a shielded pathway miraculously preserved from deception or from most of the deceptions of modernism (I do not think any one was totally preserved from all of the modernist deceptions).

One way or another everyone,
every single person on the planet,
was hurt and diminished by this evil-of-evils.

The fact that in spite of our failures and weaknesses, we somehow clung to The real-Church, has been a miracle of Grace.
So while future generations will look upon many of us as preservers and guardians of The Truth, we know that it was the Gift Christ gave to His Church, the Gift of Peter and his loyal Apostles - the Pope and the Bishops united to him - that won the day for Truth.
We were fortunate enough to be little, feeble instruments of Truth whose Guardian Angels and heavenly Patrons kept us in real communion with The Church, opening the eyes of our souls to the innumerable deceptions, or most of them, which were injected into the very life-blood of The Church.
We sat in our pews.
And we will recall that, even with such Grace, we really did not do much to thwart modernism. Sometimes we looked the other way. Sometimes we passed bye on the other side of the road.
Sometimes - even! - we joined in so as not to be the odd man out!
I was once told by a Priest that if I heard deception from the pulpit, to
jump up and shout 'That is not true!'
I did not have that courage or tenacity. I gave that advice a lot of thought and unfortunately I remained seated in the pew, silent!

that is our Grace -
we remained seated in our pews.

There is SO MUCH that we real-Catholics did not do.
What we
did do to fight modernism can be easily numbered but what we did not do, would take many volumes to record!
In reality then, we have merely been little annoyances for modernist dealers of deception, who tried to ignore us as temporary pests who would die out in due course or who would seek other alternatives to retain our sanity.
Nevertheless, we, the little annoyances,
did do something - little as it may be - for we were seen as, known as, old-fashioned Catholics who refused to join in the glorious modern new-church.
We remained seated in our pews to the absolute annoyance of the modernist followers who maintained the pretence of loving one's neighbours but marginalised us at the same time - showing them up as the pretenders they really are!
That is what we did - remain in our pews. Yes, we made feeble efforts now and then to point out the deceptions that flowed like a tidal wave over church structures. We wrote a few letters, complained to one another - and yes, we prayed.
As the modernist-catholic-new-church swallowed up Catholic institutions, educational systems, Parishes and even included amongst its patronage Cardinals, Princes of The Universal Church,
we continued to sit in our pews and we prayed.
And as pathetic and as modest as these actions were, it was enough to hamper and even to control the progress of modernism.

While we sat in our pews
we were reminders of real-Catholicism;
we were those rotten real-Catholics
sitting amongst the modernist breed,
a breed who could not tolerate anyone
who might remind them of their conscience
and of The Ten Commandments
and of the Pope
and of 2,000 years of Tradition
all of which they were eagerly trying to discard.

So, while in a way we were those good people who did nothing, and so allowed decadence to reign, the one thing we did do was

to remain in our pews.

As it turned out that was enough (it seems to me).
That is no excuse of course for failing to do the many things we could have done and so we can not claim to be heroes of the victory over modernism.
And we were not only in our pews not on Sundays, but also during the week. And during the week-day Masses, we were in the great majority (even if the numbers were small).
.. that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff
Pope Boniface VIII so declared (refer page 1 herein).
Now I have long felt uneasy about this so-called separation of powers between Church and state.
Leaders of The Church seem to have accepted such a separation although no-one seems to know exactly where this separation begins and where it ends.
While I have found that this separation a most improbable thing, I suppose I had come to a sort of acceptance that it was an established fact.
Having read this document of Boniface VIII, at first I was astonished - even though it revealed what I consider to be the fact of things - because it would meet with outrage around the world in our current political and religious environment.
In persevering with what the Pope was trying to state, I have to say that I can not find difficulty with it.
The Pope makes it clear that The Catholic Church is THE Church of Christ and that, outside of The Church, Salvation is not to be found.
This flat statement has been given a merciful interruption in modern days where

we know that others outside The Church
- through no fault of their own -
can be saved
but saved only because

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