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Musings 2008/221

The Natural Law
The Church declares that the natural law is written in the heart of every human being.
That is to say that every human really knows, in his heart, right from wrong.

The natural law comprises the Ten Commandments.

Christ stated that the Commandments can be summarised in the precept: Love God with your whole being and your neighbour as yourself. Mark 12:28-34.
We further observe in the parable (Matthew 21:33 onwards) on the vineyard and the husbandmen how the householder leased out his property and left the lessees in charge. He sent his servants and last of all his son, to receive the fruits thereof.
In this parable we are confirmed in our thinking that while we must love our neighbour, we must have great respect and awe for God's servants, and Christ meant here, the Prophets of the Old Testament.
So, in complying with the Ten Commandments, we first and foremost most love God and in loving God, love our neighbour but especially the great Servants of God, but of course most especially, The Messiah.
If we considered this in regard to Christendom, we would be correct in summarising thus:-
Love Christ - God-made-man - with your whole being;
obey the Precepts of Christ and His Church;
love and respect our neighbours especially the great  Christians of today and yesterday together with the  great servants of God, before Christ's time.
To be more exact in the Catholic Tradition, we would promote, in addition to the above:-
adore Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the  Altar;
total obedience to Christ's Vicar on earth, the Roman  Pontiff;
love and respect the Virgin Mother of Christ, Joseph,  the husband of Mary and father of Christ, and the  Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, and all the  Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.

What I am saying of course, is that the natural law,
when understood in the Era of Christ,
can be perceived for all intents and purposes
in the Catholic character
- in the true personality of the Members
of The Universal Church.

Thus the natural law is fulfilled by a person when he embraces true membership of The Universal Church.
While the
natural law in the minds of most Christians and of many within other religious faiths - and others - who know that theft, murder, betrayal and unfaithfulness are against the natural law (requiring also honour of father and mother, spouse and friend), these generalisations will become precise when Christ's prayer begins to be fulfilled, beginning with Deliver us from evil.
So that when the Era of Peace gains reality and The Church becomes
the light for the world,
the natural law will be seen
in The Church's Precepts
by all,
with the greatest clarity.
Her current and the past demands and pleadings on behalf of human dignity in matters such as preservation of the family unit and Her attempts to prevent destruction of the family by way of artificial contraception, abortion, divorce, etc. - in Her attempts to halt human cloning and human/animal hybrids - in Her innumerable actions in preserving the natural law in every way - will be recalled by humanity who will marvel at Her clear insights when the rest of the world wallowed in deception.
Leadership of The Vicar of Christ
So while Pope Boniface VIII, in his UNAM SANCTAM Bull promulgated November 18, 1302, declared
that every human creature be subject
to the Roman Pontiff

(See Heartsare 220, page 1)  his incredible demand will find positive results in the Era of Peace, for although The Church forbids Her Clerics to hold or nominate for, political positions, Her Precepts, then, will be gladly seconded by all, including governments, political bodies and all organisations, as well and individuals.
The Church will do, in those days, exactly what She does today, that is, promote the
natural law of The Almighty to governments and individuals. While Her teachings and chastisements are all too often ignored today - even denounced and ridiculed - shortly we will see deference, gratitude and a real intent to please, from the power brokers of the world.
Because Truth will be revealed and perceived by all peoples, everywhere - and The Truth will set you free. (John 8:32)
The Church will be revealed as
the Light for the world, simply because The fullness of Truth, found only in Her, will be universally perceived.
And it is this
freedom, found through Truth, that will bring Peace to the world - the Peace that is Christ Himself - because

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