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Musings 2008/221

Christ is Truth-personified and full recognition of Him by all, means harmony, tranquillity and real community.
Such a harmonious community will be founded on the family unity as sought by The Almighty, taught by Him through The Church - that is to say, through
The Immaculate Conception
Amongst The Truth that will be recognised by the entire planet will be The Immaculate Conception.
This Truth must be recognised - probably as a priority - because Mary's Immaculate Conception reflects The Goodness of God, of The Eternal-father, and was the fulfilment of The Father's Era.
The Immaculate Conception,
the highlight of the first era
starting from Adam and Eve,
was that first objective intended by God.
It was through The Immaculate Conception that The Second Person of The Trinity would acquire Body and Soul.
Thus if mankind is to grasp Truth it must start with this marvellous Gift to creation - The Immaculate Conception - for man must recognise The Eternal-father as well as The Eternal-son, as humanity enters the Era of The Eternal-spirit.
Why should it be hard for anyone to perceive that Jesus' Mother was born without original sin and remained forever sinless?
Why are people, especially those who call themselves Christians, afraid to love and honour The Mother of Christ?
They are prepared to accept Jesus as God-made-man, but as just as prepared to discard His Mother as just another sinner!! They would recognise Jesus as God but refuse to acknowledge His Mother as Mother of God!
Astonishing indeed! Hard to believe especially when Catholics, everywhere, gain so much delight, courage, encouragement, insight and every Grace of God through devotion to Christ's Mother.
To honour Christ and to dishonour His Mother suggests that a problem exists in the faith of such a Christian.
Because Christ said that the Commandments can be summarised in loving God and loving neighbour, it is absolutely necessary then, to place ourselves in the Love of God - The Holy Spirit.
In loving our neighbours, sinners like ourselves, we are most foolish then to refuse love to The Virgin Mother of God, the sinless one -
The Woman clothed with the sun. (Revelation 12:1) Or, are we to assume that we should love our neighbour, but not love The Mother?
The Triune God
Remembering that God is Goodness, God is Truth and God is Love, we are obliged to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate each Attribute of The Divinity.
This obligation includes appreciation of The Immaculate Conception (representing The Father), of The Church (representing The Son) and of
the new heavens and the new earth (representing The Spirit).
These are the Characteristics of the real-Catholic and as I have already suggested, the realities of
the natural law.
In total simplicity then, the
natural law for every human being, means observing the Doctrine of The Universal Church.
Which, in differing words, has the same meaning as
that every human creature be subject
to the Roman Pontiff

It remains the fact of the matter that the real-Catholic can be easily recognised for he perceives The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in The Holy Eucharist, has tremendous devotion to Mary and truly intends obedience to the Pope, the Vicar of Christ.
In this he follows the Ten Commandments, is (or is on the right path to be) a perfect disciple of Jesus Christ, and naturally observes the
natural law.
The real-Catholic must be aware of these Truths for he is the precursor of the new Era of Peace and must be a light for his neighbours.
Natural Extrapolation to Politics
Because of this undeniable extrapolation of the natural law to the characteristics of the Member of The Catholic Church - in reality, one and the same - the opponents of the natural law and consequently, the opponents of Truth - will always be fanatical enemies of The Universal Church; that is, the devil and those who desire allegiance with him and his awful horde.
It is something horrible then, to become aware of the politicians who vote in favour of legislation which is in defiance of the
natural law, and this revulsion is multiplied when the same politicians display their awful fervour and enthusiasm for the legislation in a public manner.
To me it is even more profane when the politician is a female for as I have proclaimed in these columns, I hold womanhood as the preference of The Almighty. To see a female politician proclaim her excitement for immoral legislation is so disgraceful and disgusting.
It is the worst disfigurement of the good-politician.
Certainly female politicians, in imitating their male counterparts and in their efforts to surpass them, have shown a certain inability to hold positions of power and seem to have less ability to realise and follow the
natural law then do men!!
To me this is amazing. Surely women would be the first to hold the unborn child as hallowed, consequently leading the nation in its fight against the atrociousness that is abortion?
But not so. In Australia, from my observation, the woman politicians are the most resolute supporters of making abortion legal!
Their names also appear under the
ayes from the seats of parliament in Canberra, supporting experimentation in cloning and on aborted children.                                           .
It has become a pleasure and a true relief to note those female parliamentarians who have not given themselves over to outdoing their male counterparts in their abject failure to honour the
natural law!

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