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Musings 2008/221

This situation of an abortionist no doubt applies to many others who have become accustomed to mortal sin.
Man's self-deception is quite incredible!
The Mercy of God
Even a cursory look at the world situation - and even our own sinfulness - and we are confronted with situations of horror, day after day.
One has to be bewildered at the Mercy of God Who perseveres with the human race.
He of course, knows of His absolute Triumph over evil in due course, but His Mercy for each sinful soul in the meantime is a Grace of astonishing magnitude.
God is prepared to forgive the most horrendous of sins and has done, down the centuries, time and again.
How numerous is the number of notorious sinners who have repented and turned back to God? Their number can not be counted.
Indeed, who can be counted amongst those who have not sinned, even seriously? Sad to say, we are all sinners.
Only The Immaculate Conception was born without sin and remained sinless thereafter. The rest of us are unable to remember the countless times we have rebelled against God and His Church.
It seems to me that Heaven would be made up of repentant sinners - like 99.99999%.
But the Mercy of God, of Christ Himself, is the very reason that Christ came into the world. Mercy for sinners, for the worst of sinners, is the great Gift wrought by Golgotha.

Write this: before I come as the Just Judge,
I am coming first as the King of Mercy.

So say Jesus to Sister Faustina in 1934 - she who has since been declared a Saint of The Church. (Notebook 1, 83)
All that is required is repentance and a resolution not to rebel against God again - and to go to The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) asap.
How exquisite is the Sacrament of Confession - Reconciliation.
The place to go to find peace and happiness in the knowledge that our sins are forgiven. The joy of having gone to the Sacrament of Reconciliation raises the forgiven sinner to a height of heavenly delight. He is on a high, his joy is so great.
In spite of this, how hard it is to go to Confession, thinking of the embarrassment of confessing our sins to the Priest! This is a trick of the devil of course, who knows that the poor Priest has heard the most atrocious of sins, of every type, when perhaps our pitiful sins are common to him.
While the Sacrament is the place to find reconciliation with God and with His Church, the Penny Catechism tells us that God's Mercy can be found instantly, so long as we repent of our sins, intending to break away from sinfulness altogether.
88. If we commit a mortal sin we should at once make an act of perfect contrition and then go to Confession as soon as we reasonably can.
Instantly, we have God's Mercy, for if we should die before being able to go to Confession that act of perfect contrition will save our souls.
act of perfection contrition relates to the honesty of our souls in that we truly mean we are sorry and that we will try to terminate our sinful state. Therefore the words of an act of contrition do not have to be in a set form. My God, I am sorry, says it all.
But, how full of meaning and what a source of grace is the little prayer:-

P  O my God I am sorry and beg pardon for my sins.
I detest them above all things,
because they can lead others into hell;
because they deserve Your dreadful punishment;
because they have crucified our loving Saviour Jesus Christ;
but most of all
because they offend Your infinite Goodness;
and I firmly resolve by the help of Your Grace
never to offend You again
and to carefully avoid the occasion of sin. Amen. P

A prayer everyone should say very regularly.
Not only do we find God's Mercy in this wonderful prayer but we begin to realise the enormity of offending The Almighty, not only because our sins are an affront to Him but also because they bring great suffering upon those around us, especially our closest friends and family - not to mention the suffering we create for ourselves!
The prayer points out the various disasters that occur through our affronts against God and neighbour, through our mortal sins!
It affirms that the greatest offence is against The Goodness of God, Who gave us everything good we have; Who gave us existence and freewill and Who wants to give us Eternal-life with Him!
But in our mortal sins we turn our back on His offers, preferring hatred to Love; death to Life; deception to Truth! It is amazing that we have the ability to defy God Himself but such is the dignity He gives to humanity!
However difficult it always is, when we sit down and think calmly with common sense,

we can admit to ourselves that in fact,
we are rebellious creatures of God
and that we do need His Mercy.
Having done that
it is even easier to say Sorry,

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