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Musings 2008/221

resolving to go to the great Sacrament of Mercy.

And having gone to the Sacrament and felt the heavy, deathly burden of sin, that spiritual sickness, taken off our shoulders and out of our souls, we wonder why it took so long to get there - and why it was so hard to take the step!
And then the circle starts again, sadly, for what sinners we are.
But the secret is perseverance for perseverance will guarantee salvation, regardless of how weak we are, how often we fail.
It is the old story - we are too proud to ask for help! How strange this is when everyone needs help - and needs it desperately.
I suppose, as well as perseverance in our journey towards Eternal-life, we must keep ourselves armed for the battle against evil - and this armoury must include prayer.
What a great prayer it is to consecrate ourselves to The Immaculate Conception wherebye our every action, word and even thought, becomes a prayer - for Mary, our Mother, leads us to her adored Son, Jesus. In such a consecration Mary herself, accompanies us when we approach The Saviour - we are in very good company; the best.
Like expressing our sorrow for defying our Creator by simply say
Sorry, it is just as easy to consecrate ourselves to Mary, The Mother, our Mother, by saying I consecrate myself to you, Mother, The Immaculate Conception.
When a sinner does that in earnest, no matter how great a sinner, Mary reaches out to him and - of this there is no doubt - that sinner will feel, in his heart, the warmth and love of this Mother of Christ.
When our heart reaches out for Mary our Mother, she will come to our aid - most definitely. Not only will she come but we will feel, in our very souls, that she has come to our aid.
That's what Mothers do.
Our Guardian Angels
The Church declares that each and every one has a Guardian Angel.
If we have this companion who can bring us the very Grace of God, we are foolish to ignore him. He who is with us at every moment of ours lives.
It is hard to believe that some people go through life not once communicating with their Guardian Angels!!
Especially is this awfulness multiplied if we fail to seek the help of our Guardian Angel when we have offended God; when our need for him is so great!
And when we are perhaps in the 'good books' with God, even then, we should not ignore our Guardian Angel, seeking his help continually so that we are better able to handle life's difficulties and temptations, ensuring that we do not offend God and neighbour, again.
The Priesthood
In all this, how great is the help of The Church - Mother Church - Who provides for us sinners, day by day, making available to us the Doctrines of God and of His Christ; providing the seven Sacraments for our daily strengthening; inviting us to Holy Mass, the very same Sacrifice as that of Golgotha; placing before us the Holy Eucharist.
The Church works continually by using the great Gift from Christ, the Priesthood in which is contained the very Priesthood of Christ Himself, passed on down the centuries, beginning with the Apostles.
The Priest is a Priest just as was Peter, the first Pope; just as was Paul, the great Apostle; a Priest just as is the present Pope, Benedict XVI.
What can we compare to the Priesthood of The Church? Out of which comes the Sacraments; from which comes The Sacrifice of Golgotha?
Nothing in the whole universe has any parallel to the Priesthood.
And the Priesthood belongs to Christianity, that is to say, Catholicism - The Church brought forth by Christ.
Attack on the Priesthood
No wonder the devil, as a prime target in his all-out effort to destroy The Church in the 20th. century, concentrated on undermining the Priesthood (as well as the Christian family unit).
Imagine what harm the devil could do if he could penetrate into seminaries and priestly communities. If he could just change the loyalty of Priests away from the Pope and the Bishops united to him! If he could have Priests teaching doctrine not accepted by The Church!
If he could have Priests betraying their Priesthood -
The Priesthood - in every way, even in the Sacraments - the devil would easily destroy The Church and so destroy humanity, for The Church is The Mystical Body of Christ, the Light for the World.
While he succeeded in penetrating the Priesthood in the most horrific manner, causing great alarm around the world, even perhaps in the heavenly Court of Angels and Saints, there were enough Priests who remained steadfast, faithful to Truth.
Hundreds of thousand of Priests left the Priesthood or remain therein, but as Judases.
But there were the loyal Priests such as those who joined Father Gobbi in his Marian Movement of Priests, that is to say, Priests who retained devotion to Mary, the Saints and Angels, who continued to believe in the Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist and in the Sacraments (and in the Priesthood); Priests who continued in obedience to The Roman Pontiff.
(I like that
Roman Pontiff, which has become a no-no to the modernist.)
Our Conscience
One of the awful sicknesses of modernism and now, post-modernism, is the teaching, even by those remaining modernist Priests, that anything is OK just so long as our conscience feels good about it!
They have ignored the fact that the
natural law exists in the heart of every human being! That the natural law is the basis on which our conscience operates!
I can easily imagine that casual sex would feel good to almost everyone, even pre-marital sex, and I can well believe that the conscience of those involved would be coloured to such an extent that it would seem like a
good thing.

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