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Musings 2008/221

We have been brainwashed, even we of latter years, for I remember a song that goes something like this:-

It's so right that it can't be wrong.

I once took those words, subconsciously, as words of wisdom.
This is just a miniscule pointer, example, of the deception laid upon the world for the past century, so that the conscience of everyone was twisted, became hazy.

So that when the modernist Priest said
Follow your conscience,
he in fact was saying
Follow your deceptive conscience.

What was missing in the vocabulary of modernism was

the word informed.

Never, to my understanding, did the modernist Priest talk about

an informed conscience.

While the Ten Commandments are written in our hearts, we are all too aware that we are sinful creatures, treacherous to God and to neighbour, on a daily basis, and so our awareness of the Ten Commandments becomes hazy.
Some are happy to be in this hazy position because we can do things that otherwise we would clearly perceive as offensive to God.

But it is because of this very haziness
that we approach our Priest
so that he can clear the haziness in our hearts
and highlight the natural law to us
giving us an informed conscience
which leads to an informed decision.

Thus, when the modernist Priest says Follow what your conscience dictates, he does not clear the mist in our hearts at all. He is actually suggesting that we follow what feels good - it's so right that it can't be wrong.
What a rotten deception!
The more you think about suffering the more amazing it gets.
Suffering is the last thing we want and we fear it; we dread it. Our dread is so great that it itself, is a suffering!
Yet suffering is the thing we need, almost urgently!
Looking back on the disobedience of Adam and Eve and the rift caused by this between God and man, we observe that part of the result was suffering. We brought suffering upon ourselves through their sin and we have added our own sins and multiplied our suffering.
Christ's suffering made up for all sinfulness from Adam to the end, and this proves that, while suffering came as a result of sinfulness,

it is suffering that can make up for sinfulness.

How many sinners have come back to God because of their suffering? And through their suffering, become great Saints of The Church?
What is it about martyrs that make them heroes of The Church if not their acceptance of suffering?
And how many Saints, those known as
victim souls, have, by their suffering, brought many a soul into Heaven? Or freed suffering souls from Purgatory?
From these questions, we are able to accept that suffering is a prayer - a great prayer.

And I contend that all suffering is a prayer.

That is to say, the suffering even of the greatest enemies of God and of man, are prayers to The Almighty! These sufferings are reminders to them that their crimes have come back onto them, for in their heart, they know that they give affront to God and man.
Their suffering is then an act of Mercy from God, calling them back to sanity and to a proper relationship with their Creator; calling them to repentance, conversion and reparation.
These evil people often enough respond and in seeking assistance and relief, might take the opportunity to disentangle themselves from the evil spiral of their lives.
Many on the other hand, refuse to take advantage of this merciful offer from God for repentance, and on the contrary, add to their heinousness by multiplying their hatred of God and even cursing the One Who loves them and wills for their eternal happiness in Heaven!
Nevertheless, I contend that even the suffering of those who reject the offer of mercy from God and increase the abomination already in them, remains a prayer before God.
A rejected prayer.
The act of Mercy from God, by way of suffering, could have been a prayer on behalf of these criminals and could have rescued them from the spiral to hell.
Even though rejected, it seems to me that the prayer still exists - that the Grace they could have received from God, still remains.
Even though they rejected the Mercy offered to them, I contend that that prayer remains before God, a prayer on behalf of the rest of humanity.
Lost to them perhaps, but not lost to the rest of us sinners.
It is suffering that is a great madness for the devil for he is the cause of great suffering everywhere, yet it is suffering that God has made available to mankind for the alleviation of his sinfulness!

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