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Musings 2008/221

Yes, suffering can be a cause for some to rebel against God in an insane rage against Him, but as I say, the prayer of Mercy remains for humanity.
Thus the devil is fostering all sorts of disharmony and rebellions, causing incredible suffering everywhere. But in these attempts to remove God and Christ from the minds and hearts of man, he always finds his efforts rebounding against him.
The devil can not win and his insanity increases.
He encourages sinfulness which in turn causes suffering which in turn brings prayer and Mercy upon humanity.
Era of non-suffering.
Having made all these statements, being one of the weak mortals of the world, I remain hopeful for the swiftest fullness of the Era of The Spirit, in which Era suffering will be, for a long period, virtually non-existent but Grace and Mercy abundant.
Deliver us from evil.          W

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