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Musings 2008/2221

Having given him a mate Adam continues on his work of naming all of God's creatures and calls his mate, Woman.
One would be forgiven if one concluded from this that God had His Eyes set on Adam, intending that Adam proceed to fulfil His Intentions for mankind.
And to carry out God's Intentions Adam was given a
I would think then, to summarise, that it was God Himself Who gave Adam the commandment not to eat fruit of that tree, and that it was Adam who passed on this commandment to Eve. In which case Adam would perceive the commandment as coming from God and Eve, as coming from Adam!
And so the devil could the more easily work on deceiving Eve, rather then Adam - which is what he did, successfully.
Thus we have, from the beginning, deception, and this deception has multiplied ever since.
Even when The Christ, Jesus, took to Himself a human body and soul, proving in every possible way that He is The Saviour of mankind,

the deception actually multiplied.

Because the greatest deception that the devil could make is that Christ was not The Christ and this he has done reasonably successfully for the past 2,000 years.
However, the overall deception only reached its peak in the twentieth century - the last century - about which the world was warned, by Pope Leo XIII, before that century even began.
The deceptions that were introduced into The Universal Church is becoming more and more clear, in this the 21st. century, and their number is becoming more and more numerous. I have mentioned many of them in these columns.
The deceptions deposited within The Catholic Church are the most dangerous, without a doubt, but the deceptions of the past century were by no means limited to The Church.
The deceptions of the devil were deposited everywhere - in all religions, in science, in medical beliefs, in education, in history - indeed, in every sphere of life. And he found supporters everywhere:- scholars, scientists, religious, teachers, reporters, historians, etc. etc.
The twentieth century is THE century of deception and the incredible panorama of every type of deception will become known more and more, from time to time - indeed, the world may never fully realise the quantity and the magnitude of deception injected into the twentieth century.
I have a book
The Greatest Scam in the History of Medicine, which claims with considerable proof that blood cholesterol does not cause heart disease - and never has. Neither do those highly vilified saturated fats you go to painstaking lengths to avoid!

In fact, there is abundant evidence to show
that saturated fats are good for you!

The author, a renegade Australian researcher (as he calls himself) uses the very proof and statistics that the medical profession and the drug companies have offered to prove cholesterol is dangerous! His name is Dr. Anthony Colpo.
I do not claim definitely that Colpo is absolutely correct in his claims - because I am still in the process of examining his claims - but I would be surprised if he were wrong, having read his book and associated articles.
He has made his astonishing claims in a public manner, challenging anyone and everyone to prove him wrong, and his claims continue to stand, unaltered.
"Fabrication of Aboriginal History" is another book (which I have yet to read and I have ordered it), written by Keith Windschuttle.
One of the many things I was led to believe in my early education was that the white settlers in Tasmania wiped out all Aboriginals in that great island state of Australia. I came away with that teaching in my mind and had accepted it without question. But, in the lead up information to Windschuttle's book on the internet I read that this simply DID NOT OCCUR!
So, I will be interested to read this book and the proofs provided. In the meantime, refer to a lecture by this author herein page 12 in which he highlights numerous misinformation on Aboriginal history in Australia!!
In no way am I trying to downgrade the full-blood Aboriginal for I consider him nature's gentleman in spite of his long background of the rule-by-terror and paganism of his tribal days.
Then there is the book
Psychological Seduction, by an associate professor at Boston, W.K. Kilpatrick, about which I have previously referred in this newsletter. Kilpatrick states in his preface Psychology as a science has a legitimate part to play in our society. It is another matter however, when it wants to play every part and direct the drama as well.
His thinking is revealed early in his book on page 15 on which he states, as a heading: Psychology's Appeal:Countrfeit Christianity.
And of course, we have the incredible
theory of evolution as proposed by Darwin, which has long been proved totally false by many branches of science, but which lingers on today in the educational and mass-media forums!
The deception will not end there. I am sure that further deceptions in every field of human life will surface and they will be uncountable. The clear-cut deception - and the quantity of it - will astound the world's population.
I recall a Reader's Digest article of some decades ago which impressed me enormously. So much so that I have tried in vain for several years to get a copy. The article is based on the author's flat statement (in so many words) that

there never has been
a scientific theory
that has been finally proven
to be true!!

The author (most unfortunately I do not recall his name) looked at famous scientists, even Newton and considered famous theories. He pointed out that, in due course when enough facts were gathered, each and every scientific theory was WRONG. He did not say that the theory did not contribute to scientific advancement at all, but that the theory had to be altered in the final analysis.
Nevertheless, I am a great fan of science.
It has even seemed to me that God Himself might have pondered on the advancement of the human race and the astonishing inventions it has produced. In a way I have childishly thought that God might even be proud of what man has achieved through science, in spite of the great and many disadvantages brought upon him by Original Sin and the

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