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Musings 2008/2221

sinfulness of mankind in general.
Mass Media
In 1972 I went to an Outback part of Queensland where even a telephone call took hours to connect - in wet seasons, days! Sometimes one just gave up trying.
The communication was so awful that a daily newspaper might be a week old by the time it was delivered!
Even the radio was limited to one station in good weather. No television of course.
Having followed in a limited fashion the news reports of the radio, I did get something of an idea of the results of newsworthy events. So that when I read the newspaper a week or more after the particular event, I found that the personal opinions and sensational reporting were NOT really associated with the truth.
I concluded that much of the mass media, certainly at that time newspapers, could not be relied upon to report truth - that these reports could never be used to make up an historical document.
I have not read a newspaper since then and I am sceptical about each and every report from any mass media outlet, whatsoever.
Now if historians look to newspaper reports or other mass media files in order to produce a factual document on past events, then I can only perceive that the situation can occur where we have one deception laid upon another.
In talking about deception we are of course discussing truth (the lack of).
Thus in the century of deception, we have the incredible situation where truth was not available or only partly available or a truth misused to promote a lie or a fact distorted or sensationalised!
How important is Truth!
The greatest lesson to be learnt then, from the twentieth century, is

the value of Truth.

This is no surprise because Christ is God-made-man, Truth-personified and this has been His Era, The Era of Truth. If the past 2,000 years was The Era of Truth then of course the devil would take it upon himself to replace Truth with lies and deception.
Another lesson to be learnt is the incredible trauma caused to everyone, man, woman and child, in the world and especially to the family unit, by the deceivers of the world.
The deceivers of the world destroy everything in their path - they portray evil as a good; lies as the truth; even death as life!
In a short period, hopefully, the world will acknowledge that
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is essential in every sphere of life and that deceit and the deceiver are the greatest enemies of the human race.
Because Christ brought Truth to the world it stands to reason that Truth will triumph and it is my opinion that Truth, even now, is triumphing, the world having experienced the awfulness of deception.
This is so particularly in The Universal Church,
the pillar and ground of the Truth, (Timothy) and the Truth that always survives in The Church is now becoming clear to the world, beginning with Her own deceived members.
Confession (The Sacrament of Penance/The Sacrament of Reconciliation)
This Sacrament of The Church has been one of the targets of the modernist deceivers, especially over the twentieth century, reducing it to something unnecessary; suggesting as a deterrent that hell does not exist! that it is next to impossible to commit a mortal sin, anyway!
The deceivers have promoted the idea that people should follow their conscious even when their conscious be uninformed and cloudy.
What the deceivers neglected to inform those who appealed to them for help and advice, was that the
natural law is written in the hearts of everyone - that is to say, the Ten Commandments are known to the hearts of everyone.
In failing to reveal this Truth the deceiver allows his audience to think their erroneous consciences are sure guides to eternal Life, when in fact they desperately need extensive guidance.
Once a soul realises that the Ten Commandments are written in his heart he also realises that he can not perceive clearly the fullness of this Truth - his sinfulness has clouded his judgment - and so he realises he needs help and good advice. He realises that he must educate himself; he must remove the cloudiness and the misinformation from his soul.
There is no better way to start then to go to Confession to a good Priest.
What a marvel is this Sacrament of Reconciliation, for the soul realises his sins are forgiven! He is overcome with such relief! He knows that the suffering that comes from his sinfulness is negated, perhaps even totally but definitely partially, in the life hereafter; that Grace is given him to refrain from further offence against God and against man; that he comes away from the Sacrament a better person before God and before the world.
He knows that he has once more become - or continues to be if his sins are venial - a child of God and a full member of His Church (mortal sin creates a division between him and God and between him and The Church).
Mortal sin is the rejection of God, of His Church, of God's intention for the soul's eternal life with God, in His Kingdom. Mortal sin is a union of oneself with evil and the evil-one.
What an enormous deception is that which discourages the Catholic from going to regular Confession! What incalculable harm has been done to innumerable souls over the past 100 years! And even today, this deception still continues in many Parishes.


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