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Musings 2008/223

As deception was the main weapon of success of the devil over the twentieth century, it therefore seems to me that Truth must have been all the more promoted by The Almighty.
Perhaps it was in preparation for the century of deception, that Our Lady appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes in 1858, confirming that great Truth so absolutely necessary for humanity and all creation -
The Immaculate Conception. Pius IX, in 1854, had already declared The Immaculate Conception as a sure Doctrine of The Church.
After that the world experienced the apparitions of Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, out of which came the message
in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.
In the mid twentieth century The Church brought about Vatican Council Two which confirmed the Truths of Catholicism and expanded our understanding of them. In this The Church prepared  Herself - God prepared Her - for the centuries to come; and the foundation for this was Truth.
Over this century The Church was given exceptional Popes and their encyclicals and teachings are superb witness to the Truth they wielded as Vicars of Christ.
Great Saints and warriors for Truth rose up over the past century or so:- Padre Pio, Faustina, Mother Teresa, Mary MacKillop and numerous others of every generation and nation.
And everywhere, there were real-Catholics who did not deviate from Truth; they clung to the simply formula:- adore Christ in The Eucharist, love The Mother and obey the Pope.
Using this simple guideline Catholics were able to remain in Truth. Separating oneself from any part of this simple formula caused Catholics to look for alternatives which ticked their fancies.
And there seemed to be plenty of alternatives available to tickle their fancies with every type of deception.
However, while modernism and its manifold deception were never going to be victorious - of course - it is a sad fact that in the process of trying, Truth was badly shattered everywhere.
This in turn has shattered the lives of hundreds of millions of people; has shattered innumerable families.
It is a terrifying thing, this success of deception around the world! The minds of people were closed to Truth welcoming all sorts of odysseys instead.
And many Priests associated themselves with the movement away from The so-called
paternalistic, unbending and archaic Church; but which is, in reality the pillar of truth.
This is The Mass
Well do I recall, almost forty years ago - before I found out about modernism - telling a friend of mine, a Priest, about that wonderful book This is The Mass. I told him how greatly it influenced me with regard to appreciating Holy Mass. The book was described by Henri Daniel-rops as celebrated by Fulton J. Sheen as photographed by Yousuf Karsh and relates to the Tridentine Mass.
I was almost shocked at his reply:
Ah, that is just sentimentalism.
But I was also greatly affected by his comment and even questioned my great admiration for this book. His negative comment steered me away from this very good book.
Such was the influence Priests had in those days.
Nevertheless, it was with great delight that recently I found I still had this book! It was published in 1958.
On looking though it again I find that it still holds the same great delight for me and I quote from page 95  (having described that part of The Mass, the
Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus)
P  When I ponder within my heart my Lord, on Your Glory and on the limitless power that lies within Your hand;
when I consider the vastness of Your creation and peer into endless vistas of space; when I recollect that behind all that is, behind all that has been, You are;
when I reflect that for uncounted aeons of years Your Spirit has hovered unsearchably over the destiny of men;
then do I ask, how - even were all the angelic choirs to lend me their voices that I might worthily hymn Your unexampled holiness -
then do I ask, as I bend in love while my mind reels before the unfathomed mystery of Your nature,
then do I ask how it can be that You, centring in Yourself the Perfection of all Glory, nevertheless regard my nothingness;
how it is that You are mindful of me and reveal to me the secret of Yourself and all Your being, as You suffer a drop of Your divine blood to fall on the face of a sinner? 
The book itself is so special in other respects as well, for the author
Henri Daniel-rops is something special in Catholic circles during his era.
And Bishop Sheen is also well known around the world as a true Apostle of Truth.
The photographer
Yousuf Karsh is renown in his profession particularly in his black and white works of many a great personage such as Churchill, Einstein and Kennedy.
The Influence of Priests
I have always been in favour of the power of the Priesthood in Parishes and I continue to be so, today; in spite of the misuse of the priestly power in many nations, over the twentieth century.
I do so, because I know that the deception of that century is coming to a quick end.
When that happens, we will need our Parish Priests more then ever before as we rebuild The Church. It will be the influence of Parish Priests, now turned back to the glorious purpose of The Church, that will swiftly stamp out all remnants of deception.
Just as the Priesthood was used to sway great numbers of the Faithful away from Truth, so must this magnificent body of Christ-imaged men once again preach Truth.
When that stupendous event takes place the whole, the entire, population of the planet will run to join God's Kingdom on earth - The Universal Church.

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