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Musings 2008/224

The Catholic Parish
The Parish is part of the Diocese which is part of The Universal Church.
It is part of The Mystical Body of Christ.
The Parish is made up of the Faithful and it is the Faithful which, in Eternity, finally comprise The Mystical Body; The Kingdom of God.

It is the Faithful
that make up the Parish.

And who are the Faithful?
The Faithful, the
Members of The Church, are those who are baptised and who acknowledge the Pope to be the Vicar of Christ on earth and the visible head of The Church. (Penny Catechism 72)
To acknowledge the Pope is to acknowledge his Doctrine and I mention two of the most important: the Real eucharistic Presence and devotion to Mary, Mother of God.
In a nutshell then, the Faithful of the Parish are those baptised who obey the Pope, are devoted to Mary and who worship Christ in the Eucharist.

If this is true,
then those who fail
in any one of the above necessities
are really not part of the Parish.

Indeed, they are not Members of The Church!
Is this too harsh a statement?
Perhaps there are many who do not have a proper grasp of Catholicism and truly believe they are Catholic, Members of The Church, even though they seem to ignore the above necessities?
(If a person ignores one, it is usually the case that all are ignored - or so it is to my experience.)
God knows about such

But one thing is for sure,
those Catholics who do proclaim
these necessary Doctrines
are truly Members of The Church
and part of the Parish.

These latter Catholics KNOW they are part of the Parish.
I find this a valuable piece of information.
Others may find this a concern.
The Incredible Twentieth Century
I continue to be amazed at the colossal deceptions of the past century. The massiveness of the world-wide deception is beyond my comprehension!
Outside of The Universal Church, one has to ask
Is there some place, some field, some teaching, where deception did not enter and even, dominate?
I suppose, putting the question in those words, one has to admit that deception certainly entered The Church!
While The Church rose out of the twentieth century totally intact, doctrinally, She was certainly victimised with every possible deception.
However, the more I ponder on the incredible twentieth century deceptions, the more I realise the sensational miracle that saved The Church; that saved humanity as a whole.
The Pope brought up the subject of naziism in America and we perceive in this ugly threat to the human race, a pure, evil deception. Communism was even worse and spread into many nations and still inflicts billions of men, women and children.
Then we have the capitalist deceptions which used democracy - good in itself -  as a power base. The wealth and the power that individuals and organisations accumulated, were all too often used to inflict deception and to ensure ignorance, misunderstanding, disinformation and sensationalism in peoples and nations.
Thus we had a twentieth century world of three parts - naziism/communism, capitalism and the destitute nations (the third world).
(To me there is a vast difference between capitalism and private enterprise. I see the latter as honest, representative government, private ownership and opportunity for the individual and the family. The extreme of private enterprise is seen in the power brokers of capitalism where the very reason for democracy has been swindled.)
It has been a question for me:
How is it that so many peoples in this world of wealth are destitute, illiterate and subject to all sorts of brutality?
And why is this happening in South America and much of Africa, particularly?
With unprecedented wealth, technology and the means to distribute help and assistance, why is there so much starvation, slavery and debasement of peoples?
Etc. Etc. Etc.
Has it been a definite intention of power brokers to keep these great masses in such perils, therefore continuing to need help desperately; therefore under the domination of power-brokers?
World's Population
And in keeping them in peril and destitute, do they then suggest that the world is over-populated and that families MUST be kept to the minimum and preferably childless, especially in the destitute nations?
Having convinced politicians of the world's
over-population, do they then suggest means of population control?

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