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Musings 2008/224

Sterilisation (even forced sterilisation!) and abortion (even forced abortion!)?
I clearly recall reading that the world's entire population could be comfortably supported in Texas, America. This is probably possible if families lived side by side over the entire state.
On my calculations I find that each individual in the world could have something like a third of an acre each, in Texas, which probably means that that would not be enough, because one would have to further allow for roads, parks, public property, etc.
However, if Texas is a mite too small, then Africa would be more then sufficient to accommodate the world's population.
Africa's total area is a little less then 30.1 million square kilometres.
Take the world's population as 6.5 billion.
I understand that Perth, a beautiful and spacious city with plenty of park-land and other public facilities, accommodates an average of 280 people per square kilometre.
Using Perth as a standard, the entire world's population would need a little over 23.21 million square kilometres.
This would leave - in Africa -
an excess of 6.8 million square kilometres unpopulated (about 70% of Australia's land mass) and 117.55 million square kilometres in the rest of the world.
It is pure nonsense to say the world is over-populated.
From one major deception we find others emanating!
For example, as reported in the Endeavour Forum Inc. newsletter 130, May, 2008, we find (quoting Michelle Malkin):
Said John Guillebaud, emeritus professor of family planning at University College, London: " The greatest thing anyone in Britain could do to help the future of the planet would be to have one less child." Page 11.
Malkin wrote her article under the heading
Abortion: Untold Truths.
The Three Worlds
So, the twentieth century consisted of the three worlds as mentioned, yet all three were saturated with uncountable deceptions!
If an encyclopaedia were to be put together detailing the these deceptions I would expect that it would be an unending task needing so many volumes to record that it would become impracticable!
But over the twentieth century, there was another world, a fourth World,

the World of Catholicism.

In the World of Catholicism - in Her vital inner Purity - Truth was stored; Truth was treasured and preserved; Truth remained sacrosanct; the Chair of Truth remained intact.
Thus the world will look back on the twentieth century and not see three or four worlds, but

they will see
only two worlds;
the world of deception
and the World of Truth.

The Catholic Church will be seen as having saved the planet, and the nations will ponder Her survival and revival with profound astonishment, observing God's Grace at work.
End of Deception
The twentieth century is over.
If the devil was given the twentieth century -  and it is obvious that he certainly had control of this era - then one can presume that the deceptions should also be over.
Obviously deception continues around the planet and it even appears to have advanced if we consider for example, state governments in Australia now moving to provide official approval for contrived abortion and the federal government taking seriously an assisted suicide bill!
Fanatical elements of all sorts of organisations seem to be creating more and more havoc and atrocities in numerous nations.
However, the forces of Good are also breaking into new ground, and exercising more muscle and authority, certainly in The Church.
In science, evidence becomes clearer and more available, pointing to the truth of things - that is, making known some of the scientific deceptions pandered around. This must be entering into education, the mass media and industry at an accelerating pace - and even into religion.
It seems to me that the resurrection of Goodness and Truth is escalating and confronting the massive, evil fortress of evil and deception; to the point where

something has to give.

And further, it seems to me that when the inevitable and entire impact takes place, the resultant defeat of deception will resemble an explosion.
That is to say, the final change-over from deception to Truth will be SWIFT.
It will seem SWIFT but this particular war has been going on for more then a century and the evidence of it abounds. So while the final defeat will be swift, in fact the devil has long lost the war and merely awaits - helpless to prevent it - the final skirmish.
Indeed, one of the great deceptions is that there is no war between Good and evil; that there is indeed, no evil; no devil; no hell - even, that evil is good (such as abortion is no longer a crime).
I think the final defeat of the army of deception will be like the day when Noah and his family entered the ark and the evil of those days was totally removed from the face of the earth through the flood which covered the world. (The flood being shown as a
scientific fact in several areas of science).
P 328. Ark of the New Covenant     Rubbio (Vicenza), July 30, 1986
At the time of Noah, immediately before the flood, those whom the Lord had destined to survive his terrible chastisement entered into the Ark. In these your times, I am inviting all my beloved children to enter into the Ark of the New Covenant which I have built in my Immaculate Heart for you, that they may be assisted by Me to carry the bloody burden of the great trial, which precedes the coming of the day of the Lord.
Do not look anywhere else. There is happening today what happened in the days of the flood, and no one is giving a thought to what is awaiting them. Everyone is much occupied in thinking only of themselves, of their own earthly interests, of pleasures and of satisfying, in every sort of way, their own disordinate passions.
Even in the Church, how few there are who concern themselves with my motherly and most sorrowful admonitions!

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