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Musings 2008/225

I don't care how often and with what conjured reasoning they make, the authority and power of Peter, the Apostle, are awesome, entailing the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.
I find it impossible to understand that anyone can reason that the Chief Apostle was not given especial power from Christ and that this power was not handed down to the present-day Peter, while at the same time approving the powers of the present-day Apostles, as coming from the Apostles! that infallibility was accorded to the early seven Councils of The Church, but not thereafter!
The fact of the matter is that the Pope is Peter and that Peter has the very Power of Christ.
This established Truth, once accepted, leaves all and any dispute, misunderstanding or dislike as non-existent.
If the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, then the disputes, misunderstandings and dislikes are to be considered and ruled upon by him.
Perhaps an understanding might be reached by a Council of all the Bishops of both Orthodox and Catholic, with the approval of the Pope, but nothing can happen unless the Pope is recognised as Peter with the authority of Peter.
The Orthodox have no option but to accord to the Pope and his Bishops the same as they accord to themselves, namely:

P  The succession of our holy divine fathers and predecessors
beginning from the Apostles,
and those whom the Apostles
appointed their successors, to this day, forming one unbroken chain
keep fast the sacred inclosure
of which the door is Christ,
in which all the orthodox Flock is fed
in the fertile pastures
of the mystical Eden ...  P

The Immaculate Conception
Perhaps this Doctrine of The Church might be an impulse or a catalyst for a reunion of The Churches.
The Orthodox once generally accepted the Doctrine of The Immaculate Conception, but have changed their thinking
in the fifteenth century. Then many Greek Theologians began to adopt the idea that Mary had been made immaculate at the moment of the Annunciation. (Refer Orthodox: On The Immaculate Conception, 2008/224 - page 21).
According to that article, the Orthodox seemed to solidify their opposition to The Immaculate Conception after The Catholic Church defined it as Doctrine 150 years ago.
Further, that article listed numerous writings that showed that this Doctrine was long accepted by the Faithful both Catholic and Orthodox.
Perhaps if leaders of The Churches could come together and collectively study the history in The Churches of this Doctrine and come to a common conclusion, then that could be a definitive step towards reunion.


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