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Musings 2008/226

All the professions absolutely rely on truth -  science, teaching, mathematical, history, geography, sailing, galactic travel, sports, you name it.
I can not think of one profession that, in the long run, vitally needs the truth of their profession or trade.
If they intend to carry out their function correctly.
People would pat me on the shoulder, patronisingly, if I suggested that truth is so important in mathematics e.g. two plus two equals four, not five. They would do so because the point is so plain to see, to realise and accept.
The great respected men and women of history have relied on truth to achieve their goals - each and every one.
(I am not thinking of the treacherous who achieve their goals through deception of course, infamous as they may have become.)
Truth is reality.
I always recall the great Frank Sheed in his Theology and Sanity, when I think of Truth, especially his description of the common tree. He states that we can observe the tree's colour, its make-up of leaves, branches, trunk, bark, sap, roots as well as the function of these many parts, but if we do not observe the tree as God-bathed - that is, created by The Almighty and kept in existence from moment to moment by Him - then we have not grasped the full truth of the tree.
We have not grasped the full
reality of the tree.

Therefore, to that extent,
our sanity is lacking!

Because truth, reality and sanity are inseparable.
The truth of creation and its innumerable fabrics, energies and designs, is fabulous but it is much more.
The truth of creation reveals The Godhead for He created it, fashioned it and energised it.
In a way then, the truth of creation is adorable - to be adored!
The Truth of The Holy Trinity is to be adored in The Person of Jesus Christ, Truth-personified. But the truth of creation is the Truth about God's Work and to that extent, isn't it adorable?
If there were no deception in the world, what a difference it would make. If Truth were brought to our attention, only, to the exclusion of deception, one must believe that peace would reign everywhere and in everyone - at least for a period.
In the beginning only Truth was available to Adam and Eve and that must have contributed to the very meaning of the Paradise they lived in.

They lived in Goodness and Love,
until deception was brought to them
by the devil,
so that they were encouraged
to  eat the forbidden fruit
and lose the Truth that was theirs.

They embraced the knowledge of evil which mingled with their knowledge of Good.
From thence forward deception marked their journey through life and through the lives of their children - through our lives.
When science tells us that we use only 10% of our mental ability, I feel that this is because of the cloud of deception that hovers over the world cutting us off from Truth and reducing our ability to understand what little Truth we do possess.
How grandiose is Truth, even ordinary truth of the things around us! The
Penny Catechism tells us that we can know that there is a God by seeing the wonderful things He has made and by learning the truths He has taught. (14)
That is another view of Sheed's full reality of the tree.
Therefore when Christ's prediction, in the
Our Father - where we will be delivered from evil - comes to pass, the world will be relieved of all deception, thus exposing Truth in all things.

And surely the plea
deliver us from evil,
is not only for
particular persons or communities,
but for the entire world.

This hope is indicated as true when that other part of the prayer is considered: Thy Kingdom come.
But even more so in:
Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
In the latter plea we mention
on earth, which does not mean in one part or another or in one person or another, but the length and breadth of the planet.
But if God's Will is to be done on the entire planet, Truth must be available to everyone hindered not by deception - any deception at all.
So that when Scripture speaks of
a new heaven and a new earth, surely this means that mankind will perceive the Truth not only of God, of His Christ and His Church, but as a result and as an accompaniment, mankind will see the reality of the tree and indeed, of all creation.

In seeing the reality of creation,
they will see a new heaven
and a new earth.

Such is the importance of Truth, not just in The Creator but in His creation.
And so I suggest again, the truth of the tree and of all other things God has made, is adorable.
P 61   3  15  But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself

in the house of God,

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