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Musings 2008/227

word of Peter and the Apostles who remain in Peter's company.
They are in despair because, while The Church traces Herself back to Peter and the Apostles - to Christ Himself -  they trace themselves back  ... to what?
They are in despair because The Church is our Mother, raising Her children in Goodness, Truth and Love, leading them  securely and perfectly to The Kingdom of God, while the haters of Catholicism have only their own capabilities.
Perhaps they have their own 'mother'?
But then, the deceptions.
It has been super deception at its incredible worst that modernism should infiltrate The Church (as well as institutions of the world, including education and science) so that corruption pours out of leaders, supposedly Catholic. While these mischievous leaders within The Church are eventually exposed in their awful practises, their treachery reflects upon the whole Church; and many outside The Church are repulsed by what they see and they therefore think The Church Herself, corrupt and awful!
At the same time, those modernists outside The Church are ready to do their share towards mass deception by highlighting the atrocities that have gone on within Church parameters e.g. Priests paedophiles.
So we have evil working inside The Church which results in atrocities which are in turn, highlighted by evil working outside The Church.
So, when I say The Church is our Mother, leading us along the pathway of
Goodness, Truth and Love, I have to recall the falsehood that modernism has injected into Her and have to admit that great harm has been done to Her children - not by The Church but by the infiltrators..
P 49 17 1  And he said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come:

but woe to him through whom they come.

49 17 2 It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones. P (Luke)
What a fearful thing it is for someone in authority, parent, teacher, Priest, politician, who deceives those who trust him, leading them into evil!
For a Catholic Priest, for example, to lead his flock away from its Mother, The Church - well, I don't know what to say, but I suppose Jesus says it:
woe to him.
The Pope himself exposes those leaders who would coerce Catholics into thinking that The Church is
too rigid and lacks The Holy Spirit, while they themselves are freer and more open to The Spirit!! (Refer to article by B16 herein - page 8.)
The Pope was in Australia when he pointed out this anti-Catholic behaviour and I have no doubt that his remarks were pointed to Australian Priests and even Bishops who think they are more Catholic then the Pope or who think they are a few decades ahead of the Pope and await his wake-up call!!
The wake-up call will not come to the Pope but, on the contrary, to these same Priests and Bishops, and the wake-up call will come from The Holy Spirit Whom they claim to possess!
The wake-up call will be thus:- Return to obedience to the Pope; return to devotion to Mary, The Immaculate Conception; return to adoration of Christ in The Eucharist.
They will be incredulous and astonished for these practises are exactly what those despised, marginalised, old-fashioned Catholics do! those old fogies for whom they have been waiting to die out and stop taking up spaces on the pews!
They will be incredulous because the youth will once again be prominent and in great numbers amongst their congregation.
They will incredulous because once more will they find an increasing number of vocations to the Priesthood, to Nuns and Brothers.
But most of all they will be incredulous because of the deep joy, peace and gratitude that will overwhelm their own hearts and souls - presuming they too return to obedience and Truth.
They will be astonished at how gullible they were, so easily diverted from Truth and carried away by innovations and novelties, and they will be terrified at how close they came to self-destruction in the awful caress of the devil and his gifts of self-satisfaction, uninformed conscious, as well as a certain power over the children of The Church!
They, together, will be like St. Paul and St. Augustine who on seeing the Light of Christ, became fabulous ministers of Truth. Their enthusiasm, now directed towards teaching Truth only, will renew The Church and change the world.
Because if all Catholic Priests are fully true to their magnificent vocation, they would quickly overcome the world for Christ.
Our Mother The Church
I have mentioned before that, out of the agony for The Church of modernism, many of us have come to realise the most precious Gifts we have in the Priesthood; in the Sacraments; in the Eucharist; in devotion to the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls, particularly of The Woman of Scripture, Mary, of Joseph and of the Archangel; in the Holy Mass; in the infallibility of the Holy Father the Pope; in Holy Scripture and in Tradition - in short, in The Universal Church of Jesus Christ.
What Treasures each of these Gifts of God, of Jesus Christ, are!
In these Treasures are to be found God in His Goodness; God, in His Truth; God, in His Love.
What a fabulous Gift to humanity is The Church!
I look back on my youthful days and even though I frequented Holy Mass daily from the time of my primary school days, and even though there was the beginning of a certain recognition of The Church, I can now see that the hassles and the agonies of life were distracting. The
valley of tears can easily turn a person away from the living creation to partake in the allures of the world.
So, it seems to me, that the modernist evil has forced me to look deeper into The Church, my Mother, and Her Treasures.
In viewing the preaching and activities of diverted Priests and then to witness the reality of the Priesthood in true Catholic Priests, was a series of sensational moments for me.
I had taken the Catholic Priest for granted for decades but then witnessed the destruction that can be caused by Priests who have lost their basic reality!
Having thus found a veneration for the true Priest, that naturally followed by finding a new realisation for Holy Mass - and then for The Holy Species and the Tabernacle.
It was natural that the Gifts that issue from  the Priesthood - the Sacraments - also became things of wonder and delight.
All pointing to The Mother, The Church.W

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