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Musings 2008/228

glory from Catholics, bring this honour and glory for them, to Christ and to God.
In so doing they, by their own stature before God, add a particular perfection to this honour and glory given them but, by their own hands, redirect to Christ and to God.
And so, in mathematical terms, one might say that the Catholics' devotion to the heavenly Court, especially Mary, in quadrupled thus:-

  1. in their direct adoration of God and His Christ;
  2. in their appreciation of God's creation, particularly the Citizens of The Kingdom, particularly Mary;
  3. in the fact that these Citizens of Heaven give their particular character to devotion given to themselves and divert this to God and to Christ;
  4. in the fact that devotion to Mary and God's great ones, provides a certain astonishment to Catholics because of her and their great stature, and then realising that these great ones were created only for Jesus, they are enabled to bring a new perfection to their adoration of Christ.
The reality of Purgatory, also absolutely approved by Scripture (as is true devotion to Mary), is another teaching of common sense.
Heaven is for those perfected in spirit and soul.
Hell is for the totally depraved.
What of those who die with their souls  still stained with venial sins, not bad enough for hell and not ready for Heaven?
Unfortunately some Christians - not Catholic - believe that on death, they face either Heaven of hell! No other choice! They are desperate to obtain perfection before death and agonise that some minute sin might be found on their souls and so, to hell they go!
They will be thoroughly relieved on their death to find that The Church has taught the truth - Purgatory exists.
I find it a difficult thing that Christians can believe that Purgatory does not exist! How can people believe that God will send one to hell for a minor offence?
It is a fairly common realisation that there is no one that is perfect in this life and indeed, it seems a common expectation that each and everyone is prone to immoral and criminal behaviour and it is only through fear of the law that most refrain from carrying out their inner illicit desires.
That being the case, everyone would go to hell, for Christ has stated:
47 5 28  But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.
That is to say even the desire for something offensive to God's Commandments, is sinful.
We are mindful then that everyone is a sinner and perhaps even, most die in a state of venial sin.
It is unthinkable, however, that all such are doomed to eternal punishment and in Her absolute grasp of common sense, The Church teaches the existence of Purgatory.
I think it was a Christian Pastor who stated in so many words, that evolution can be compared to a tornado going through a scrap-heap and coming out the other side as a Boeing 747.
So impossible, he thought, was the scientific theory of evolution according to Darwin, where the human being mysteriously evolved from a chaotic mass of basic fabric of the universe, millions of years ago (nowadays we hear of 'billions' of years!).
Well, I have to think that this Pastor was far too generous in his comparison.
Just to consider the human eye - or any eye of any animal - and its creative brilliance and the wonder of its capacity to collect photographic information and transmit this to the brain, is a marvel in itself.
That the eye provides itself with a most precise moisture for lubrication and the eye-lids for protection and revitalisation, and its capability to adjust for long or short distance and for darkness or daylight, is further need for astonishment.
That the eye also provides vast information to the brain on movement and balance; used to transmit the written word to the mind; most valuable in pointing out danger or safety which appears before it; most necessary in the realisation of enjoyment and pleasure.
Yet the eye comes in many colours and embellishes the features of each person.
What of the human cells that make up the eye and the bio-electronic intricacy involved and the precision of eye movement which not only transmits vast amounts of information but receives it as well, co-ordinating itself with hearing, touch and all the senses!
To suggest that the eye evolved from flotsam of the universe by sheer accident seems like the ultimate in nonsense.
But, not just one accident.
It would have had to have millions of sheer accidents where wandering atoms grouped together in one form and then, by another impossible accident, form something more viable, and then again, by a third impossible accident, evolve a further step in the evolutionary procedure - followed by a million (billion?) (trillion?) other sheer accidents to finally form an eye.
But, two eyes are needed!
Back to the drawing board!
However, the eye need the brain to work.
Maybe there are another trillion accidents to account for the connection to the brain and the sheer and impossible coincidence that they both evolved together.
However, the eye needs the nervous system of the human body, to work.
More trillions of sheer accidents?
And the eye is only one part of the body which comprises innumerable other parts all of which must have been formed, also, out of trillions of sheer accidents from the original chaos.
It is of course, impossible that all these trillions upon trillions of sheer accidents could have happened and this impossibility is made more impossible by the fact that they all occurred together in the one body; so that the trillions upon trillions is multiplied by . what?
Have I exaggerated?
Have I looked at the evolution of the human body from the wrong angle?
Could the body have been formed first and the organs after? Or what? Did the brain come first? I suppose if we look at

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