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Musings 2008/229

The Penny Catechism points out to us the simplicity of God and of His creation; of His Church; of Heaven and Hell; of death and Eternal-life; of The Christ and Salvation.
Consider the following extracts from the Penny Catechism:-

  1. Who made the world?
God Made the world.
2. How did God make the world?
God created the world that is, He made it out of nothing.
9. Why did God make the world?
God made the world to show His power and wisdom and to help us to reach our home in Heaven.
13. Why did God make you?
God made me to know Him, love Him and serve Him here on earth and be happy with Him for ever in Heaven.
One can understand why little children grasp the simplicity of everything when they learn from the Penny Catechism. And why they so easily love God and the Angels and Saints especially Mary.
Children love simplicity and it is no coincidence that The Truths of God are always simple, even though we are sometimes unable to understand how They can be - for example, that God always existed.
I have been asked by a child
How can God have no beginning and no end?
While it is a simple thing to realise that Someone had to be The Source of all things - the alternative being the insane thinking on the possibility of there being no God - it gets complicated when one tries to work out how this is possible!
If there is no Infinite Source, then the human mind tends towards insanity and the alternative possibilities.
I tried to answer that child by saying there are other things that have no beginning and no end, and I drew a circle and said
The circle has no beginning and no end.
He would not have that, and pointed to the point where I began the circle, whereupon I pressed a cup into the soil and formed a circle: There you go. That circle has no beginning and no end.
I do not think I achieved anything with that boy because he had moved out of simple Faith and was questioning.
He had lost that most beautiful simplicity of the child and was beginning to grasp the deceptions, the questioning, the scientific need for physical evidence that betray mankind, again and again.
For, even though creation is vast, seemingly unending, and the variety seems beyond comprehension, the basic fabrics of creation are simple. Science used to preach that there were three basic fabrics of creation, the electron, the proton and the neutron.
I think that science has lost this simplicity and now has other possible basic fabrics as well - or instead of!
It seems to me that God, The Holy Trinity, would have created His universe in His Own Image which is to say that the entire universe consists of only three basic fabrics, whether they be called electrons, protons or neutrons, is beside the point.
It further seems to me also, that there are three basic energies in creation, again in the likeness of The Trinity.
From these three basic fabrics and energies issues the entire creation and that seems simple enough to me.
As I mention, it is only complicated when the devil enters the scene creating deception.
In corrupting the basic fabrics of pure creation, the devil brought about, for all intents and purposes to the mind of man, additional fabrics - you might say anti-fabrics. They are not additional fabrics but corrupt fabrics so that instead of three basic fabrics, we have the
appearance of six basic fabrics - the three pure basic fabrics God brought forth and the three malfunctioning fabrics the devil (and man) created.
For example in the spiritual creation, where once there was only Love, suddenly there was also hatred.
Where there was Goodness, suddenly there was evil, also.
Where Truth, deception.
It is a thing of delight then, to know that God draws Good out of evil.

Indeed, He draws a greater Good
out of an evil
then the Good
that preceded that evil!

We clearly observe this in Christ's Visitation to planet earth.
Herein lies the plan of God's progress, of God's Triumph, for He has brought forth, as the first of
three steps, something perfectly good in creation - The Immaculate Conception - thus overcoming evil.
Then God took a second step in His creation and brought forth His Church, The Pillar of Truth, thus overcoming deception.
And we now enter into the final confrontation, the third phase, where Love overcomes hatred.
We observe in the phase out of which we are now departing - that of Truth overcoming deception - just how incredibly successful has been the deception of the devil, when we ponder the success - as already mentioned - of the abortion lobby.
It has succeeded everywhere in spite of the massive hurdles they have had to overcome; the hurdles (to them) of sanity and Faith, of basic morality, of common sense, of the horror to everyone of child molestation. These and other hurdles obstructed the abortion lobby but the whole world, it seems, yielded before the numerous deceptions propagated.
In the Australian state of Queensland where the law effectively forbid all artificial abortion, a way was found to ignore totally, this law, and abortion was practised in all populated areas without fear of prosecution of any kind.
Perhaps the law has changed since the time I asked a senior public servant who was involved in policing legislation, several years ago,
why was abortion allowed in this state when the law virtually forbid it?
He replied that I should get legal advise on that question!
Truth conquers.
And if we are emerging from the Era of Truth then we must certainly observe in the foreseeable future, the total elimination of all deception, in every field of human endeavour, in every nation, perceived by every man, woman and child.
Human Dignity
It has always been thought provoking to me that one should consider the human being as something utterly worthless, which many Saints have done. They class themselves, for example, not only as worthless but also suitable only for hell!
Of themselves they declare they can do nothing and what they do do, is only of worth because of Christ's Infinite Merits.
On the other hand Scripture states that

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