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Musings 2008/229

of the divine Blessing
for a pure offspring
which had been given to Adam,

but withdrawn when he was on the point of hearkening to Eve and consenting to eat the forbidden fruit.
It was the Blessing that was again bestowed upon Abraham, withdrawn from Jacob, by Moses deposited in the Ark of the Covenant,

and lastly received by Joachim,
the father of Mary,
in order that Mary might be
as pure and stainless in her Conception
as was Eve

upon coming forth from the side of the sleeping Adam.  P
Elsewhere Anna Catherina also declared:
P At last, I saw a vision on earth such as God had shown to Adam; viz., that a Virgin would arise and restore to him the salvation he had forfeited. Adam knew not when it would take place, and I saw his deep sadness because Eve bore him only sons. But at last she had a daughter.
I saw Noe and his sacrifice at the time in which he received from God the Blessing. Then I had visions of Abraham, of his Blessing, and of the promise of a son Isaac.
I saw the Blessing descending from firstborn to firstborn, and always transmitted with a sacramental action. I saw Moses on the night of Israel's departure from Egypt, getting possession of the Mystery, the Holy Thing, of which none other knew save Aaron.
I saw It afterward in the Ark of the Covenant. Only the High Priests and certain saints, by a revelation from God, had any knowledge of it. I saw the transmitting of this Mystery through the ancestry of Jesus Christ down to Joachim and Anne, the purest and holiest couple that ever existed, and from whom was born Mary, the spotless Virgin.

And then I saw Mary becoming
the living Ark of God's Covenant. P

Somehow the blessing was preserved down the ages, this something from Adam's body, this dignity of man, and was destined for Joachim and Anne so that they might bring forth a daughter, The Immaculate Conception, the pure Virgin from whom only, was to come The Christ.
This seems reasonable to me and seems like common sense, bearing in mind that God will never force the will of any man or woman, having provided absolute freewill.
God simply allowed for Adam's rebellion by safeguarding mankind's dignity and in so safeguarding, also provided for mankind's Salvation, for through this preserved dignity came forth The Saviour, The very Son of God.
Thereby God brought forth the greatest possible Good from the rebellion of Adam and the devil. Had there been no rebellion,  no need for The Redeemer in the history of man, would God have come amongst us and take up The Cross, giving us The Eucharist, thereby providing the capacity to gain otherwise impossible Heights in Heaven!?
Still a Dignity
It might well be that the pure dignity of man was lost with Adam's disobedience, yet it seems to me that there remained in man a certain dignity in spite of that disaster.
While God gives man everything - every single thing except evil - He gave it permanently, eternally. We can only lose what God has given us by discarding it, ourselves.
So that which we are able to retain and attain as beings created in the Image of God, will be ours for all eternity.
Even though separated from God by sin, man retained body and soul and, in his very person, issued directly from The Eternal-father. In this alone, there remained great dignity.
This dignity can further be perceived in the incredible efforts the devil makes to bring each person to hell. He only makes these monstrous efforts because there remains a certain worthwhile-ness about each human person.
The devil does not go around attacking, deceiving and clutching at dogs or cats or elephants to bring them to hell with him.
While they are magnificent animals created so marvellously by The Creator, they are absolutely worthless as victims for the devil's kingdom.
No it is only the human being and the angel who are hunted by the devil.
Not only that but man, after the Fall, still retained a basic capacity to contain the pure dignity given to Adam and Eve. Because of the Fall, this capacity might well be unusable - and therefore useless - but with the Salvation of Christ, this capacity could again be activated; indeed, this capacity was greatly increased for the simple reason that God became Man when He activated this capacity, thus opening up incredible potential for man!
Nevertheless, this unusable capacity must have been a certain pointer to man's dignity.
And now that this capacity has been activated by Christ's Cross and His return to The Godhead, one has to think that man's dignity has become even greater then that of Adam, even as we live in a rebellious world and even though we continue to be rebellious ourselves!!
(No doubt Adam will share in this greater dignity.)
We can only lose this dignity once and for all at death, should we die in the state of mortal sin.
Until then, surely this dignity means we can always have hope in God's Mercy - so long as we have life in our body - whereby we will attain Eternal-life.
So, I contend that the Saints reduce themselves to unworthy participants of God's Kingdom, not because they do not have the dignity - even the pure dignity of Adam increased by Christ's Cross - but because,
in spite of that, they see themselves as sinners before the Judgment Seat.
In spite of Christ's Infinite Merits, their sinful nature betrays them and betrays the dignity they have. They realise that the perfection, or lack of, of their heart and soul does not match the dignity God has given them and does not do justice to Christ's Infinite Merits made available to them.
On reading the lives of Saints one always perceives this extraordinary humble attitude they have, some even being grateful they are not sent to hell!
Yet at the same time, one observes that in their hearts of hearts, the great Saints know they are on their way to Heaven. St. Therese of The Infant Jesus for example, states that on her death she will send a shower of roses upon the earth.

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