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Musings 2008/229

She was so certain of gaining Heaven and indeed, a high place.
Now and then I think of that old song:-

O Lord it's hard to be humble,
When you're perfect in every way.

Well, when a person is young, he might have this idea about himself, but life will always bring him back to earth, even to the point of thinking it's easy to perceive how very inadequate I am!
Abortion promoters
I have to wonder about those people who not only support abortion but spend their lives promoting it. For the abortion lobby to have been so successful, it has had to have a great number of dedicated people - and I mean dedicated - dedicated to the death of innumerable children and to the ill health and/or difficulties of the mother, father and associated family and friends.
Are they deceived in their complete support and determination for the death of an unborn human being?
Or are they simply evil people?
I am firmly convinced that shortly, when the world finds itself in an Era of Peace, that Truth will be obvious and transparent everywhere and in everything and in everyone.
So that each and every person will be open to all others; that is, that we will KNOW each other precisely, in every detail, perceiving the very thoughts and emotions from the heart of each person.
During that time, presuming that evil people will still be upon the earth, the horror and the revulsion that they have built up in their souls, will be an open book to everyone.
The devotees of abortion, it seems to me, could well die from the knowledge they find - the abomination that is stark naked - in their souls; and others, who peer into those same souls could well faint from the horror they see!
If the Commandment of God is
Thou shalt not kill, referring to the slaying of another human being, what awful consequences does this Commandment conjure up for those who kill the most innocent, the most defenceless?
Looking at the world
It seems to me that the world is preparing itself for the Justice of God.
Legislation in favour of abortion seems the go. Not only in Australia but in the UK and probably elsewhere. It is becoming a major issue in the USA presidential election, due soon.
The financial crisis that is sweeping the world at present, indicates a clear lack of confidence in the financial power-brokers and governments and the basic reasoning behind world finance, or even, that the power-brokers are causing this crisis for their own ends - perhaps a combination.
At the same time, surely the unbelievable deceptions of the twentieth century are overdue to come to surface, everywhere.
When it was mentioned to me that
the world is preparing for the Justice of God, I immediately thought that the injustices and deceptions were the reason behind this, but then it occurred to me Not so, it is the virtuous who are preparing for God's Justice.
While I would expect that the satanic forces must realise that their time is at hand and are also getting ready for it, so that they might retain a basic presence in the world, I do think that people of good-will are preparing for a dramatic change in how mankind lives, in himself and in one another, in families and in nations.
The churning of world events may indicate a time for unparalleled change is at hand; the greater the churning the nearer the time?   


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