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Musings 2008/230

Doubts in Faith
Someone said that it is better to live out the Faith of Catholicism and be wrong, then to not live in the Faith and be right - I think it was Mr. Chesterton who made a statement to that effect.
I have always thought this to be totally right and a wonderful point to remember. And indeed, may be used as a proof of the authenticity of Catholicism.
When one's faith becomes wobbly for one reason or another, this fact becomes a very important piece of information and even, something to cling to.
I would believe that in the soul of a person the faith would always be firm but in the senses and in the physical outlook we have on the world, and in our upfront consciousness, a person is inclined to doubts and subject to troublesome thoughts against The Faith, planted in the mind by the devil and his assistants, directly or indirectly.
Where the soul of a person is allowed to become subservient to the senses and the physical outlook, at such times his faith is challenged more severely.
It seems to me then, that a person must ensure his spiritual portion is the domineering factor of his being, recalling to mind the common-sense reality of The Church and Her Priesthood, Sacraments and Her Treasury of Truth.
It is a rather stupid thing to forget these realities for some reason or another - perhaps our prayers seem unanswered or that suffering seems too much to bear.
It is as though we know everything, even the future, to relinquish our faith when put in temptation or under pressure. It is as if we
know that God is not answering our prayers!
We neither know the future nor do we know that God is not answering our prayers!
Indeed our faith tells us that God will always answer our prayers. All we have to do is recall that God uses our prayers for the good of all mankind, not just our personal selves. God uses our prayers for the purpose of His Will, that is, the salvation of all creation; and while we may think that we could suggest how best the salvation of all creation should be done, we are merely thinking of our own particular needs, desperate and as good as they may be.

Indeed this desperation
for something good
adds power to our prayer

and perhaps the Good Lord places the Graces created through them for the salvation of some even more desperate soul,

thereby doubling
the power of our own prayer,

for not only do we have the original Grace of the prayer but to this is added the gratitude of that desperate soul who will repay the gift of our prayer, which God moved to him.
In this manner God is not only not ignoring our prayer but is making it all the more powerful so He may pour all the more Grace upon us and ours.
So, in becoming despondent because our prayer is not being answered, immediately and precisely as requested - as it would seem - we could actually lose a little of the fullness of the prayer's generated power - due to this lack of trust in The Almighty.
On the other hand, should we wait with patience and perseverance, with humility and hope, the power of the prayer is further enhanced, so that not only is it doubled in its fullness by helping other souls,

but is quadrupled
in the loving hope and patience
we retain in The Almighty
when our prayers seem discarded.

It seems to me that the word evil covers every type of malfunction of mankind, yet I would prefer to define the word as meaning the opposite of Goodness - which it is, in a general manner, but I am looking at a more precise exercise.
For example, deception is the opposite to Truth and hatred, the opposite to Love.
Therefore, in musing on this subject, I am considering that evil is the opposite of Goodness, deception the opposite of Truth and hatred, of Love.
In so doing I suggest that Goodness brings forth Truth and Love while evil brings forth deception and hatred.
Yet, in accord with the Doctrine of The Trinity, it would be better put

that Goodness brings forth Truth,
and Goodness and Truth
brings forth Love,

which is better perceived thus: The Father (Goodness) brings forth The Son (Truth) and The Father and The Son bring forth The Spirit (Love).

On the opposing side,
it can then be perceived
that evil brings forth deception,
and evil and deception combined
bring forth hatred.

In this we can further perceive a triune devil, creator of evil, deception and hatred, made first of all in the image of The Holy Trinity but while still in its original beauty, glory and power, and probably because of pride in these perfections, rebelled against its Creator.
That is to say the devil consists of three persons in one being, who once reflected the Holy Trinity, but in rebellion, became a  malfunctioning being so that where it once reflected Goodness, it created evil and where Truth, deception -

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