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Musings 2008/230

The need to regenerate in any species is as important as the need for sustenance and the need to breathe - these are natural and desperate necessities for all species.
Because of the population of the earth - 
6,727,094,555 according to one web site as at the 1st. October, 2008 - it is not such a difficult thing to deceive people into thinking that the need to regenerate no longer exists. Indeed, it has become easier for those of the contraceptive mentality to promote - and to succeed in their endeavours - the idea that everything should be done to stop the so-called population explosion!
Even to forced sterilisation.
Governments, scientific and international organisations are wilting before the contraceptive mentalitist's onslaught and, as a result, public opinion is being manipulated towards the thinking that artificial contraception, abortion, homosexuality and non-marital relationships are acceptable - even that a new definition of the
family might be approved which contradicts and offends and is intended to destroy, the traditional family of husband, wife and children.
And in perceiving these points, one can only come to these conclusions - that the world of malevolence is determined to:-
destroy the natural desire and consequently the urgency, to regenerate;
as a necessity and as a distraction to the people for this purpose, promote sensual 'love' to the exclusion of procreation as if a good for mankind;
thereby undermining the need for the traditional family;
thereby betraying the human realisation of the basic goodness that God has implanted, at conception, in every human;
thereby undermining Christendom and so striking at The Catholic Church;
which in turn, undermines the Pope and his Magisterium and reduces the Priesthood and the Sacraments to lesser things - which can be accepted or rejected according to a malfunctioning conscience;
which in turn destroys the very idea of morality and goodness, redefining these into the will of the people (that is, of the deceived people);
meaning that the Ten Commandments and Christ's Beatitudes are re-defined so as to mean the basic passions of a Godless mankind;
which of course means the eventual total destruction of the human race.
Which is, of course impossible because God will not be defeated and He will not be defeated in His Christ and Christ's Universal Church, The Church of The Bishop of Rome.
Papal Infallibility
I again look at this extraordinary subject for the more one considers it, the more intriguing it is and the more obvious is the necessity for this amazing wonder - the infallibility of the Pope.
And the Gift of this to the world is so precious, a real miracle.

This infallibility is, one notices,
based on one thing only
- Truth.

Infallibility relates to teaching the Truth - nothing else.
It does not mean that the Pope will always be a man of God's Goodness or of God's Love but that he will always be a man of God's Truth.
History proves the Pope's infallibility even as history also proves that some Popes have been less then Good and some lacking in Love.
Herein we realise the phenomenal value and necessity of Truth.
One feels for those who are outside The Universal Church, not having the boundless blessings of Her infallibility. They must feel deserted and lost.
It is a fine thing to study Scripture realising it is The Word of God but only to find that one's understanding of the passages does not agree with another! - even that their own experts do not agree! Who is right?
It is a fine thing to quote Scripture to prove a point but the non-Catholic has to ignore certain passages e.g.
Upon this Rock I will build my Church; or I give Thee the keys to the Kingdom; or What you do on earth shall be done in Heaven. (Matthew 16)
(Or even worse, to read the passages and render a false meaning to them!)
It is a fine thing to claim that the Bible has all Truth and that no Truth exists outside of it - again ignoring certain passages that say otherwise - but to do this successfully one has to ignore the early centuries where history and Scripture clearly show that The Church Herself wrote the New Testament and indeed, that The Church selected what Books are to be included in the Bible.

Realising this, one
would have to comprehend
that The Church did not stop,
- could not stop -
writing about The Truth!

The same people who hold views as outlined above, are claiming that their position is the right and true position - does that mean they claim to be infallible?
Here we have a self-defeating argument where numerous people follow the Bible believing nothing unless the Bible says so, but then divide into 30,000 denominations because they do not agree with one another as to what the Bible teaches! Each one claiming to have the real meaning of the Bible - each one, one might say, claiming to be infallible.
And all of the followers of the whole these 30,000 denominations of Christianity - each an every one - must, in the depths of their hearts, have a nagging feeling, as they look towards The Church and the Pope, that perhaps Scripture must really mean that Peter is infallible!
It is like a conversion story I remember reading where a non-Catholic was in her church praying for help and guidance from Jesus and found herself looking out of her church towards the Catholic church where she knew existed The Eucharist Wherein Catholicism claimed was The Real Presence.
The Orthodox
And it is the Orthodox who must lead Christendom back to Rome!
The Orthodox have the same Priesthood and Sacraments. They have the apostolic succession.
All they lack is Peter.

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