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Musings 2008/230

Obama, President USA
I read in a Newsmax article on the internet, that great jubilation was seen on the announcement that Obama had won the presidentancy. The article stated that some even wept in their ecstasy.
Well, I felt like weeping, too, but obviously for different reasons.
The hard fought advances made by the pro-life movement in America will shortly be swept aside as a result of Obama's victory.
The pro-abortionists must already be rejoicing together with other groups whose agendas could not be included within a moral framework - that is, a Christian moral framework.
The good work by Catholic Bishops in America pronouncing their opposition and The Church's opposition to politicians who call themselves 'Catholic' but act as would a non-Catholic, particularly with regard to the abortion issue, would seem to be wasted.
While it is a fine thing to observe that a black American has won the most powerful position in the political world - because of the obvious lack of racist bias - the voter must still take account of the man's political stances.

The most important issue - the right to life - seemed generally ignored in the election. Candidates seemed afraid to broach the subject! In a distressed world needing powerful leadership on moral issues, we find these avoided!!!                   


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