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Musings 2008/231

56 5 30 Because we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.
56 5 31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be two in one flesh.
56 5 32
This is a great sacrament; but I speak in Christ and in the church. P

Having moved away
from this Christian ideal of marriage
- from my observations -
the woman has
lost a great deal of status
over the past several decades.

What have they gained?
Yes, they have more prestigious jobs, more money etc. and they dress the same as men and imitate him in their careers, but are these type of things really an increase in status for women?
No longer do men consider the woman as someone to take to the Altar in marriage (all too often). No longer do women want to be mothers and raise a family (all too often).
Combined with the contraceptive mentality or more probably, as part of it, 'partnerships' between men and women - and even marriages - are more often then not, a temporary thing.
Families that do
not break up seem to be the exception!
And who suffers the most in all this if not the woman? Even as she goes out and earns an excellent living, materially.
The relationship with God with regard to obedience, and with Jesus Christ, is by no means a one-sided thing. It seems to me that Christ is always doing our bidding and always providing for us, treating us with every good thing.
I would presume that this type of 'obedience' would apply to the Christian marriage where the husband does more bidding for his devoted wife then the other way round!
If the husband is going to cherish his wife as Christ cherishes His Church, then it seems to me that the wife would be on a mighty fine wicket indeed, even though she be seen to be subservient.
On the other hand where the husband has no responsibilities or only equal responsibilities as his 'partner' it further seems to me that the male will take advantage of the situation and be happy to allow his wife to take over all or most of the responsibilities which leaves him in a lazy and very satisfactory situation (for the time being, anyway).
I often see this type of situation where a man and women have a defacto relationship, with the woman owning the car and earning the income.
While they both seem satisfied it seems to me that neither are really so. Under that situation the partnership is not permanent and the possibility of children are remote for she has to earn their keep. The man tends to slide into a drone mode, not good for him, not good for the 'partner', not good for the partnership, not good for society, not good for the nation.
Now I have previously championed women herein, in their incomparable work as mother. I have suggested that motherhood is the most important work in the entire world (even suggesting that motherhood might be
at least, of equal value to the Priesthood!).
I have had no cause to change my mind. Indeed I feel more confident that motherhood is THE ultimate work of mortals.
If we return to consideration of the present status of women, we observe that motherhood has become almost a dirty word!! To become pregnant is seen by many as a disease to be got rid of at any cost even to terminating the life of that unborn person inside her womb.
It is promoted by numerous and powerful people and organisations that the mother-to-be has the right to choose not to embrace motherhood! They promote abortion instead.

What is going on?
What is this infamous war
on motherhood,
the most important work
of the human being?

Of course, it stems from evil and from the evil one and is designed to bring the holiness of motherhood into the appearance of a diseased disorder proposing, therefore, that the mother should have the choice of killing the child within her womb - the choice to refuse motherhood!
This is not only an attack on the most precious vocation of motherhood; it is not only an attack on the most precious unit of the nation, the family unit; it is also an attack on a most important occupation of fatherhood.
In destroying the value of motherhood the evil ones destroy fatherhood and the family unit.
It is fatherhood that is also of supreme importance in this day and age when the world approaches a new Era of Peace, for this Era of Peace is the Era of The Spirit and the Era of The Spirit is the Era of Joseph, father of Jesus, husband of Mary, Patron of The Universal Church.
I say this is the Era of Joseph because he perfectly reflects The Spirit Who was instrumental in Jesus conception and Whose Spouse Mary is.
So, in honouring Joseph we honour The Holy Spirit, just as in honouring The Church we honour Jesus and in honouring The Immaculate Conception, we honour The Eternal-father.
And Joseph is undermined in these days for just as Eve persuaded Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, in the disobedience in Eden, so the disobedience of the female of today encourages the disobedience of the male.
The refusal to embrace motherhood by the modern female is seconded by the modern male who, as one woman mentioned to me,
is only concerned with his belly and what hangs from it!
Take away motherhood and of course you take away fatherhood - and of course, you take away the family unit.
While evil has always been determined to destroy motherhood and the family unit, it is even more determined to destroy fatherhood in these days, because it wishes to destroy devotion to the great Patriarch Joseph; to waylay attention to his supreme importance in Christ's Salvation, hoping thereby to put back or even halt altogether, the emerging fulfilment of The Era of The Spirit's Peace.
We perceive here a new view of the importance of motherhood without which the male becomes something unnecessary and this awful situation for mankind is multiplied when the female takes over the occupations of the male, becoming the provider!!

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