Musings 2004/183 :-  Is Mary Needed - Jesus would Have Been lost without Mary - A god that fails in his planning is not God - The Immaculate Conception - The Holy Trinity Dwelling Amongst us - The Spirit and my Bride bid me come. Inserted 7th-Oct-04.

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Musings 2004/184 :-  Achieving Greatest Communion with God - Jesus To be with Jesus at the foot of The Cross - If I be lifted up from the earth - Is the assembly space a church?  Inserted 12th-Nov-04.

Musings 2004/185 :-  Our own prayers - Coredemptix- Christ is God; Mary is a creature - Freewill - All generations shall call me blessed - Truth - What is the Truth of The Holy Spirit? - God's Love is Someone -  Inserted 12th-Dec-04.

Musings 2004/186 :-  Genesis 3:15; Family Life International;  Prayers Transcend Time and Space;  And where would The Lord have us Be? Tools - Not done by the Power of Faith; The anti-christ will imitate The Christ; The new Era of Peace; The Communion of The Holy Trinity. Inserted 19th-Jan-05.

Musings 2005/187 :-  Church at the Foot of The Cross; Sacrifice of Eucharist and the Sacrifice of Christ are one single Sacrifice;  Mary, Merely a Vessel?  The Womb and The Tabernacle; Obedience; Love Mary too Much? Inserted 20th-Feb-05.

Musings 2005/188 :-  George W. Bush; Don't Vote for the Socialists;  Deliver us from evil;  Raphael, Gabriel, Michael; The Greatest Gift - The Greatest Work;  Inserted 25th-Mar-05.

Musings 2005/189 :-  St. Joseph; St. Joseph Assumed into Heaven?;  John Paul II;  Life After John Paul II; Perhaps the post-modernists will attempt a schism! The end of an Era; The Third Secret of Fatima.   Inserted 15th-Apr-05.

Musings 2005/190 :-  Super-pope;  Thank-you John Paul II;  The Truth; Raphael, Gabriel, Michael; Jesus Thirsts.  Inserted 15th-May-05.

Musings 2005/191 :-  Freewill;  God Delegates;  No Beginning and No End; Pharisees; Was Mary an Ignorant Peasant Girl; The Our Father; Dignity of Man, His Person.  Inserted 17th-Jun-05.

Musings 2005/192 :-  Benediction;  Virtues;  The Wedding; Move the World; The Immaculate Conception; The Original Home of the Human Race; The Church teaches Truth.  Inserted 15th-Jul-05.

Musings 2005/193 :-  The Warning;  The Truth;  The Son of Man; Come Holy Spirit Campaign.  Inserted 18th-Aug-05.

Musings 2005/194 :-  Job and The Church;  East Timor;  Cana of Galilee.  Inserted 7-Sep-05.

Musings 2005/195 :-  Fear of The Lord;  A Sad E-mail.  Inserted 30-Sep-05.

Musings 2005/196 :-  Mary, Consoler;  Delivered from Evil; Man's Intellect will Perceive Truth; Raphael, Gabriel, Gabriel.  Inserted 22-Oct-05.

Musings 2005/197 :-  The Three Characteristics of the real-Catholic;  Queen of Hearts; What Modernists Have Thrown Away; Socialism; Contacts in High Places; Truth is Central; Raphael, Gabriel, Michael .  Inserted 24-Nov-05.

Musings 2005/198 :-  At The Cross;  We are taken instead, to The Cross; New Problems for The Church; From The Cross; My God, My God, why hast Thou Forsaken Me!  Inserted 29-Dec-05.

Musings 2006/199 :-  Limbo;  The Dignity of Man; New Problems for The Church; Looking at the Future; The Anti-christ; Modernism's Greatest Weapon.  Inserted 10-Feb-06.

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