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Musings 2009/234

that the people organising the feast
appealed to Mary
who appealed to Jesus
and the problem was miraculously solved.

That is a clear indication that anyone who appeals for Mary's help can expect miracles.

Yet the JWs say
that the thought of praying to her
is alien to the Scriptures!!

We perceive in these and other matters, that the JWs have no common sense whatsoever.
I am hopeful that they, in their lives, try to support one another to gain Eternal-life and that
they pray for another, yet they, somehow, come to the conclusion that they should not seek Mary's help - Mother of The Redeemer!
They further lack common sense on top of historical ignorance, in not realising that The Catholic Church actually wrote the New Testament - the Apostles and the Gospel and Epistle writers, being Catholic in the first century Catholic Church!

They really know little of true Scripture
and ignore the Truth
that it was Peter
(and the Apostles in union with him)
and their successors
- not the JW hierarchy -
who were given the power of infallibly
teaching Truth and Truth only.

P  61   3  15  But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God,

which is the church of the living God,
the pillar and ground
of the truth. P

First Timothy.
(I have previously looked at these wonderful subjects in these columns.)
Yet the JWs are quite happy to challenge Catholicism on any and every subject, thereby not only disdaining Scripture but choosing to ignore Catholic teaching from the first century

which carries on where Scripture ceases,

in accord with Thessalonians Two:- 60   2  14

  Therefore, brethren, stand fast;
and hold the traditions
which you have learned,
whether by word,
or by our epistle.

This 2009 Watchtower also raises the point as to whether Mary had other children and comes to the conclusion - as would be expected from them - that Mary had more sons and daughters after having Jesus.
The newsletter uses old and long-dishonoured arguments, to continue the deception that Mary did not remain a virgin throughout her life, when The Church through Scripture and Tradition determines otherwise. (I have also treated this matter in previous columns.)
Herein we begin to get the drift of a new JW deception - promote Mary to a certain degree so as to attract uneducated
Catholics and then to draw these unhappy people into the evil web of JWism.
They dare to promote Mary as a disciple of Christ, as a wonderful Mother and Spouse, even to admitting she is with Jesus in Heaven! But then they promote anti-Catholicism by claiming Mary had other children, that Mary should not be given special reverence.
Thus the JWs pretend admiration of Mary (but not veneration, mind you) thus
seeming to adhere to true Scripture but then undermine The Catholic Church's stand on Our Lady! A contradiction.
Do you get the drift? the deception?
It is a good thing to recall about the JWs, that

they are not Christian.

They put themselves forward as if they were Christian but in fact they do not accept the basics of Christianity:-
1. Jesus Christ is God-made-man;
2. there is one God consisting of Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
3. Scripture is Truth and must not be defiled.
JWs are more like Muslims then Christians.
The JW deception, like most evil deceptions, can be
easily seen (by an honest soul) for what it is and I refer in particular, to just one part of their awful translation of Scripture.
In their avid desire to promote the word
Jehovah, they have selectively used Jehovah in the New Testament wherever they found the word Lord - a deception in itself - but their deceptions boomerang back upon themselves.
As Gerald Wright states, page 11,
P The Witnesses in their prejudiced attempts to insert the word Jehovah for Lord, in connection with only The Father, have erred many times. For not a few times have they used the word Jehovah for Lord thinking the passage was referring to The Father when in fact, the passage was referring to Christ.  P
Now Jehovah is an incorrect translation for Lord, (and the Apostles used the word Kurios (Lord) in reference to all three

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