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Musings 2009/234

Persons in the Godhead, Wright Page 10). However, the JWs used the word Jehovah for Jesus Christ in several places in their deceptive Scriptural translation and I provide only one from Wright's book:-
P Matthew 3:3.  -  Make ye ready the way of the Lord.
New World T  -  Prepare the way of Jehovah. (See also Luke 1:76; 3:4.)
They have John preparing the way for Jehovah when it is definitely in reference to his preparing for the Christ (Matthew 3:11, John 1:15, 3:28-30, cf Isaiah 40:3, Malachi 3:1f). Also, look at Mark 5:19f. - they have
Jehovah whereas verse twenty clearly shows the person under discussion to be Christ. P
The Watchtower also tries to ridicule Catholic teaching that Mary is Queen of Heaven (Page 10). They of course would then have to reject Revelation 12:1 regarding the Woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars as not referring to Mary.
While The Church states that this
woman refers to The Church, She also teaches that this refers also to Mary.
While I understand that the JWs accept Jesus Christ as King (of some sort) they are most reluctant to accept His Mother as the Queen Mother.
Gerald Wright in his decimation of JW 'dogma' concludes his little book with references from the Old and the New Testament showing Jesus Christ as Yahweh.
Just a few examples:-
Exodus 20:10  It is Jehovah's Sabbath.
Mark 2:28  Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.
Deuteronomy 10:17 Jehovah is Lord of Lords;
Revelations 17:14 Christ is Lord of Lords.
Isaiah 60:1f  Jehovah's glory to shine as a light to the nations.
John 1:4f, 14:8-12 Christ's glory is the light of the world.
(I notice on the last page of this
Watchtower they write: Even in this troubled world, you can gain happiness from accurate Bible knowledge of God, his Kingdom, and his wonderful purpose for mankind, and it offers the reader a free Bible study!!!)
I will be coming back to the deliberate deceptions of the JWs in a future issue.
In highlighting a few of the facts as regards the JW deceptions, I want to make it clear that I hold no rebuke for individual JWs only for the JW deception. Individual Jws must account to God - to Jesus Christ - just as I, also a sinner, must.
In concluding my initial consideration of the JW deception, I have wondered about their belief in Jesus as being the Archangel Michael!
Does that then mean that Mary is the Mother of The Archangel Michael, in the eyes of the JWs?
As Mary is the Mother of The Lord, then Michael is The Lord! If we extrapolate this - in accord with Gerald Wright's observance that the JWs have erred (in their minds) in thinking that the Lord Jesus is indeed
Jehovah - then we  must come to the conclusion that the Archangel Michael, is The Lord, that is, according to JW mentality, The Archangel is Jehovah!!!!
Sorry, Archangel Michael - it is JW thinking, not mine -  for I know you to be supreme before all of God's creation, with Raphael and Gabriel. I know that you are loyal to The Truth.
Mary, in Jesus' Eyes
I have long tried to set out the perfections of Mary, Woman of Scripture, The Immaculate Conception, and I have come to the conclusion that her stature before God and before all creation, is beyond our comprehension.
As I have previously stated, her unparalleled excellence is a means, a standard, by which we poor mortals may raise our appreciation of her Son to the highest level; of our adoration of her Son, Jesus The Christ.
Having glimpsed Mary's Beauty and then, raising the eyes of our souls to Jesus, we can all the more appreciate His Gift of Himself for the Salvation of mankind; of all creation.

For it is He for Whom
we and the entire universe
were created.

Mary was created only for Him.
Nevertheless, while appreciating the Divinity of Jesus Christ, I persevere in my endeavours to comprehend
The Woman, The Mother.
In doing so and in communication with Jesus in the Catholic Eucharist, wherein He abides totally as the Christ-resurrected and wherebye He draws all of the Mother's children into His Mystical Body, I have realised that I will never fully grasp the Mother's excellence.
However, in saying that, I have also delightfully realised that Jesus Himself,
does comprehend His Mother's stature.
In perceiving that truth I immediately realise that no other then Jesus could do that!
Indeed, only He could realise the virtues of each and every one of the Mother's children and in saying that, I realise again

that only the Mother's children
will reign with Jesus.

And in Jesus' appreciation of Mary's perfections as the creature amidst all creation, even to reflecting The Eternal-father's very Goodness, I have realised that we are yet further in debt to Jesus.
Catholics who love Mary so very much, will understand what I am trying to say.
She, being God's
Mother and His Woman clothed with the sun, is God's Masterpiece but we are unable to fully appreciate His wondrous Work in bringing forth Mary: and so, we feel a sense of relief

that at least Jesus totally appreciates
the stature that Mary was given
and to which she contributed

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