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Musings 2009/234

by her humility and obedience
and co-operation.

We feel this because, while Jesus is the Second Person of The Trinity, He is also Son-of-man - He is a human being.

Jesus makes up for our lack of devotion
- His brothers and sisters - 
to His Mother.

But more, He makes up for the evil spirits around the world who would destroy the honour of The Mother, spreading deception against her to an incredible degree - their hatred of Mary is frightening!
Yet their hatred of Mary proves that the Catholic devotion to her person is all the more correct and necessary - even urgent - in this era which is returning to Truth, emerging from the modernist world-wide calmative deception of the twentieth century.
(The JWs are only a minor, pitiful part of the modernist deception.)
Just as the satanic cults seek the Catholic Eucharist for their black masses ONLY - realising their abuse of The Real Presence ensures their demonic behaviour is as low as it can get - it is the same thinking by the purveyors of evil when they attack Christ's most blessed Mother.

That is to say only the evil attack Mary
just as only the evil attack her adored Son.

Understanding these things I have come to a great appreciation and increased love for Jesus, in that He gives due honour to His Mother - and ours - where I can not worthily give her the devotion she rightfully deserves; that devotion required by The Eternal-father for His Queen.
In this I am reminded of Father Faber's sensational Catholic hymn about Mary, Immaculate, Immaculate, wherein he confirms the Catholic realisation of Mary:-

When Jesus looks upon thy face
His heart with rapture glows
and in His Church,
by His sweet Grace,
thy blessed honour grows.     

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