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Musings 2009/235

Jim Lynch

P  1.     Oh it is sweet to think,
Of those that are departed,
While murmured Aves sink
To silence tender-hearted,
While tears that have no pain
Are tranquilly distilling,
And the dead live again
In hearts that love is filling.
5.     They whom we love on earth
Attract us now to heaven;
Who shared our grief and mirth
Back to us now are given.
They move with noiseless foot
Gravely and sweetly round us,
And their soft touch hath cut
Full many a chain that bound us. P

This poem/hymn by Father Faber (refer page 27 herein) speaks to me of Jim Lynch who must now be counted amongst the Saints - another friend of ours in Heaven.
Jim was one of the three great men who called me
son over my life-time - there was only three - and in being called son I had always felt it a natural thing.
But on reflection, I now perceive it as a rare privilege.
Jim did not speak or act as a man of greatness. He just seemed to be
there, where he could make his contribution towards God's Will, without fuss or glamour.
Decades ago I accompanied him to an old-age persons' home to help the residents make their way to Holy Mass. As per normal, he assisted in his serene and humble way but yet with a delightful manner about him - a peaceful demeanour that accompanied him everywhere.
Without realising the consequences, I assisted him in his Vincentian work in the hospice (one place I would rather not be) and was so inspired by him, unknowingly, that I have been attending such hospices ever since!
Since that time he has not been attending the elderly himself, due to a new path he had taken in his steps towards Paradise - because of the deception that had crept into innumerable Parishes of The Church - but I have always felt that I was there on his behalf and I suppose I will now feel that even more, since his recent death.
While I always admired his humility, unconsciously - for he was so humble that I never consciously realised it (and that is
real humility) - I admired even more his trust not only in God but in his family and friends.
At times I thought to myself that Jim was just too trustful of those around him. I was astonished at his implicit trust in his family and friends as if we were not sinful people at all!! I often thought he should be more wary and watchful, but long since I have come to see his implicit trust as issuing out of Divinity!
In my youthful days I was a little like Jim and when my father said to me
You will find that friends are rare. Maybe one in a million will be a true friend to you.
Even in those teenage days I was, typically, one who thought he knew it all and I replied to him
If you prove yourself a true friend to anyone, he will become a true friend to you.
My father then informed me that
it is a surprising thing about teenagers - they are always astonished as they grow older and wiser, just how much their fathers learnt in such a short time!
Well, I have learned since then that I am quite unable to be a totally-true friend because I have priorities e.g. family and Church, and so my friends must take second or third place, or even less.
In this knowledge, I realised that my father was explaining a fact of life to me and that while I may have had a point, I had yet to learn much about life.
Yet Jim Lynch seemed to have proven a point in that he trusted family and friend and NEVER wavered in this trust.
I find this astounding and in a way, he proved me right - to some degree anyway - all those years ago.

He proved himself a friend
in his unwavering trustfulness
and it seems to me
that everyone who knew him,
saw him as a true friend.

Is that incredible or not?

But in recalling the wonders of Jim Lynch and I do mean wonders in the full meaning of that word, for this man was a living Saint, I am also reminded of one:
Marrianne Nuller.

who also died recently.
Distinctly, I recall when Marrianne first attended a Wednesday Holy Mass with her daughter.
I did not need to be introduced to her or to hear her comments on Catholicism, to know that she was a Catholic of some stature. The congregation seemed to be much better off for her being there, always with her daughter and now and then, her grand-daughter.
She simply joined in saying The Rosary and attended the Marian prayer group after Mass!
No need for references or explanations or reasons, she simply became one of the local real-Catholics and was so

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