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Musings 2009/235

accepted, instantly.
Since then she has of course, proved her Catholicism for I have become aware of some of her children and grandchildren and in their real-Catholicism I perceive the greatness of Marianne, whose influence - without a doubt - had wonderful effects.
Yet, at her funeral, her reputation as a Catholic became more obvious then ever!
A Bishop attended by four Priests, carried out the Holy Sacrifice with the help of seven seminarians, one of whom was her grand-son! Four of the latter made up a wonderful choir which sang real-Catholic hymns in Latin and English. Two other Priests sent in their apologies for being unable to attend!
assembly space also witnessed more Catholics saying the Rosary, at one time, then it has for at least 25 years!
Including during the time the church building was a proper Catholic one!
There was a holiness about the entire period that was enchanting, not the least being the reverence by the Bishop and Priests and altar-men (Seminarians) during Holy Mass.
I think we were given a glimpse of the future at that Mass, that is, when The Church becomes the Light for the world.
So it was that Marianne, in her death, carried on as a witness for Catholicism.
Indeed, so also did
Jim Lynch, not only in the great many people who attended his funeral and prayed the Holy Rosary, but also in a congratulatory telegram from the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, both of whom were taught by Jim, who was a school teacher!
Jim's Requiem Mass was of the Tridentine rite and so we were privileged to witness the splendour of this Catholic Rite and a great number of us felt honoured.
While the Novus Ordo Mass for Marianne was celebrated in its normal simplicity, the reverence and the additional ceremonies involving incense and sprinkling of holy water as for a funeral service, gave the Sacrifice a grandeur that I have never observed before!
There seemed to be a new realisation of The Real Presence.
The Celebrants seemed to be aware of the high duty and honour of their Priesthood.
For the first time - and this within a matter of only several days of attending a Tridentine Mass - I felt the greatness and wonder of the Novus Ordo.
I am not saying that that was the first time I realised that the Novus Ordo was a genuine Mass but that it was the first time I witnessed the grandeur that is possible during a Novus Ordo Mass; a grandeur that will become universal in a short time, I believe.
It has been a privilege to have known such rare people over my lifetime, people like Jim and Marianne, children of The Faith; lights in a world of darkness. They are a great gift from God for those who knew them and for those for whom they prayed.

P  3.     Yes, they are more our own,
Since now they are God's only;
And each one that has gone
Has left our heart less lonely.
He mourns not seasons fled,
Who now in Him possesses
Treasures of many dead
In their dear Lord's caresses. P

(See page 28 herein)
Life's Experiences
In recalling my father's wisdom, I suppose I have come to realise the wonder of wisdom, itself. We learn many lessons, some in a very hard way - some in an extremely hard way (for seldom do we take the word of the wise, a too-simple, painless way of acquiring wisdom).
I recall, for me, how everything had to be precise - perfect. If not, then I would play the spoilt child. The troubles my mother had to put up with!! Her patience was a wonder to behold.
But slowly, I began to realise that many things are not perfect.
Then to realise that very few things are perfect.
Then to discover that no thing was perfect!!
Not only did I have to allow for the faults in my friends and in my family but I also had to allow for my own faults!
People aren't perfect! People will hurt you even to the point of heartbreak - even to the point of death! And worse - I hurt people in the same degree!!
To me this has been a very hard lesson to learn!
We have to bear with one another. We have to forgive one another. We have to try and understand one another. We must never give up on one another even if I or he, be treacherous in some way.
On looking back over my life, I have to admit that I can not think of one person that I have
not failed - I have let each and every one down at one time or another. It is an awful thing to realise!
And I begin to understand the Patience of God - His Mercy - His forgiveness!
47  17  16  Then Jesus answered and said: O unbelieving and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? Matthew.
How long shall I suffer you? He asks.
We of every perverse generation, try His Patience, but we know His Mercy is infinite - fortunately.
Some of us find it hard to put up with just one perverse person but The Lord has six billion around the world - all sinners, all hell-bound but for His Passion and Death.
So it is a duty for each one of us - as I have learned the VERY hard way - to love one another, even our enemies; even those who are constant annoyances to us! Indeed, it may be easier to love our enemies then to love someone close to us who we find a real pain.
It is often easier to be patient with an enemy, knowing that the conflict is temporary, then to be patient with a family member or a friend, for he is always there!
The Church
does not teach us to love ourselves or to forgive ourselves (as many a modernist would have it) but She teaches us to persevere in spite of our sins and our wretchedness, seeking forgiveness from The Almighty, using Her Sacraments constantly, especially the Sacrament of Confession which heals our souls and our hearts and our minds;

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