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Musings 2009/235

which reunites us with Holy Church and with Jesus, The Christ.

As I have come to realise,
it is a waste of time our forgiving ourselves
if God does not!
To love ourselves,
if we have withdrawn from The Love of God!

So, when we fall into despair we must use Christ's Merits to drag ourselves back into The Church and into communion with our friends and families. And when others fall into the same hole of despair we must call upon Christ's Merits to help them - as we do our pitiful bit to also help.
It is a easy thing indeed to turn our back on a fellow who has betrayed us or hurt us but it is for us to reach out to him in forgiveness, instead - and help him.
It is even harder to make the first move in regaining the friendship!
If he apologies it is reasonably easy to forgive but how difficult it is to reach out for someone who has done the dirty on us and for us to offer forgiveness without his apology!
47  18  21  Then came Peter unto him and said: Lord, how often shall my brother offend against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?
47  18  22  Jesus saith to him: I say not to thee, till seven times; but till seventy times seven times. Matthew.

So, even though we learn an astonishing amount of things over a lifetime, we are always brought back to the wise remark:- The more we know,
the more we realise we don't know!

It is a sad fact of life that we must persevere in trying to attain Eternal-life with The Almighty in spite of our own unpredictable and lousy character as well as the just-as-bad character of our neighbour!
Yet at the same time, it is a challenge - the ultimate challenge, probably - in which we can delight!
For it is a delight to work with God and His Saints and Angels, and His Holy Souls, and with and within His Universal Church, for our own salvation and for the salvation of our neighbours!
Yes, a delight, for on the journey we come to appreciate The Immaculate Mother and her Spouse Joseph as well as the Archangel Raphael, Gabriel and Michael and just how they stand by us.
We come to appreciate our Guardian Angels and those Patrons given us from Heaven.
But also we meet such great people as Jim Lynch and Marianne Nuller and even, once in a blue moon, we meet someone who thinks we are good people, too!
God delights, I think, in giving His Children numerable and wonderful delights, not only His Eternal-son but, through Him, and then through His Blessed-mother, innumerable delights every day.
Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated
One of the delights of life for me comes under this name, an organisation formed to offer help to pregnant women, the all-important mothers-to-be;

dedicated to serving
the women and men of Australia
by protecting the lives
of the unborn children
and reducing the number of abortions.

(As stated by their wonderful pamphlet - which also noted Matthew 25:40:-

When you did it to one of these
the least of Mine, you did it to Me..)

PCI guarantees its success for it has adopted Our Lady of Guadalupe as its Patroness!
How very appropriate; for it was this Lady who brought to a decisive end the practise of killing new born children as human sacrifices almost 400 years ago.
PCI is further assured of success when it has a Priest as its spiritual director, Father M. X. Rego, SM, who is so fine a Catholic disciple as to compose the following Life Prayer for the organisation:-

P Lord of Life, before You formed us
You knew us
and before birth
You named us.
We praise You for the precious gift of life
which tells of Your infinite love
for all people.
We thank You for helping us see
the worth and the dignity
and the sacredness
of every human person
at every stage of existence.
Guided by Your Wisdom
assist us in defending
the respect and the right to life
of every individual
especially the unborn whom You created
to love and to be loved.
Grant to those who experience
pain, fear and loneliness
either through deliberate or desired abortions
the grace of healing, forgiveness
and conversion,
so that they may manifest to others
Your never-failing

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