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Musings 2009/236


Catholic and Orthodox leaders will once more meet, in the near future, and one of their chief topics will be the role of Peter.
That is to say, the role of the Pope, Peter's Successor.
I have previously maintained that this is the ONLY topic that needs to be agreed upon, for once the role of the Pope is made obvious to everyone, then all other differences, so-called, will be adjudicated upon by the Pope who will, no doubt, call upon the Bishops of both Catholic and Orthodox to assist him with their recommendations.
This is so because there will be only ONE agreement which the Catholic and Orthodox leaders can come to, and that is this:-

The Pope IS Peter.

Bearing in mind it is a deception to say the Pope is Peter and then to say the Pope does not have the power of Peter!
History shows that the Pope is Peter - the Orthodox do not deny that the Pope is the successor of Peter!
History shows that the Pope has exercised the authority of Peter and that he has never taught error in dogma.
The Orthodox Patriarchs claim to be successors of the Apostles and they claim they have the power given to the Apostles.
They have NO OPTION but to acknowledge that the Pope is Peter with Peter's authority.
The more they would reduce the authority of Peter the more they
must reduce, in all honesty, their own authority as Apostles.
The more authority they give to Peter the more authority they
may recognise in themselves as Apostles.
In my opinion - miniscule in recognition as it may be - the only problem the Orthodox leaders have is
how to get their Faithful to recognise Peter in the Pope.
After centuries of antagonism against Catholicism and the Bishop of Rome, that will be a massive ask.
However, that is no excuse to prolong the disunity between Catholic and Orthodox and should not be a hindrance to the urgent need to recognise Peter for the sake not only of Christendom but for the sake of the whole world.
It would be no trouble at all for anyone, even amongst the great, (perhaps especially amongst the great) to find excuses to delay this urgent call and so try to delay the inevitable for years or decades.
I would have to give consideration to the possibility that Orthodox leaders, if they persist in failing to acknowledge the obvious - the Pope is Peter, with Peter's authority - lack humility; lack access to Truth; lack knowledge of Scripture; lack guidance by The Spirit of Love.
I would have to also think, following that thought, presuming it be correct, that Orthodox leaders have personal ambitions that are betraying their acknowledgment of Christ's Will in His appointment of Peter, holder of
the keys of the Kingdom, as the rock, as the confirmer of his brethren, the feeder of Christ's sheep, of Christ's lambs, whose decision to loose or bind, is loosed or bound in Heaven.
It is upon this
Rock - Peter - that Christ will build His Church. (Matthew 16:18)
It is an interesting thing that that Jesus named
Simon as Cephas (Peter. Rock) when Scripture says that the Christ is the Rock.
P 53 10 4  And all drank the same spiritual drink; (and they drank of the spiritual rock that followed them, and the rock was Christ.) P 1st. Corinthians.
Jesus named Simon as
Peter from the beginning of His Ministry of Salvation and knew then His intentions for Peter - that is, the source of unity; the source of Truth in Christendom; the very Vicar of Christ.
If I know these basic facts, then the Orthodox also know them!
If the Orthodox really want unity then they will know what is expected of them and that is nothing less

then to pay homage to Peter
as the Rock,
as the infallible one of Christ.

Orthodox Patriarchs must kneel before Peter and kiss his ring as do Catholic Cardinals on electing a new Pontiff.
Really, they have no choice.
It seems to me that the ball is in the court of the Orthodox - the greatest responsibility is now upon their leaders.
The Person of Jesus The Christ
Again touching on this cosmic phenomenon; again realising that Jesus is The Second Person of The Trinity Who took to Himself a Body and Soul and became a man, I continue to wonder on the fact that each human person also has a body and soul, in imitation of Jesus.

In which case the Person of Jesus
is the archetype of every human person.

My person perfectly resembles the Person of Jesus Whose Person is God-the-son.
Therefore my person issues directly from The Eternal-father in the same way as does Jesus'!!
There can be no complete understanding of such an incredible fact,

even as it highlights the massive dignity
afforded each and every human being.

John Paul The Great states The Word is Eternal Wisdom; the Thought and Substantial Image of God. 'He reflects the glory

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