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Musings 2009/236

of God and bears the very stamp of his nature'. Hebrew 1:3. Tertio Millennio Adveniente  4:3

Therefore in our own way each of us
is somehow also
the thought and the substantial image
of God!

This thought and the substantial image is my very person to whom The Almighty has allocated a body and soul!
And so Jesus commanded
Love one another, and not just our closest and beloved companions and family, but our enemies and those who hate you.
Realising the phenomenal dignity of each
person we can understand why Jesus made this command of Love the very way to recognise His Disciples.
The good Pope John Paul, in the same section already mentioned, also quotes Vatican Two in relation to the dignity of Jesus and of man:-

Christ fully reveals man to man himself
and makes his supreme calling clear.

In thus getting a glimpse of the dignity of man and his eternal-dignity in Heaven, we also begin to glimpse the horror of hell!
This horror of hell must be of the worst of all torments, of all pains, of all nightmares - to realise the eternal-dignity God had intended for the resident of hell! - to find himself in all manner of sufferings without end when a throne in Heaven was meant for him!
If a person loses hope on earth through suffering and through spiritual deception, what is that torment in hell where hope no longer exists?
The agony does not end here but it is
multiplied in the knowledge that his being remains full of evil, of deception and of hatred. His choice to offend The Almighty, to choose against Him, remains as part and parcel of his being!
So we can gain a glimpse of the awfulness of hell occupied by out-of-control lunatics lashing out in violent hatred and despair, existing in individual, and in mass, horrendous ugliness such as no strength or length of the imagination is capable of comprehending.
Hell is of such black despair because of the loss of the astounding dignity of man given him by The Almighty and it is this very dignity - this potential greatness; this divine possibility - that, in reverse, becomes anti-dignity.
Common Sense of Catholicism
Again I mention this fact of The Universal Church - Her common sense - and again ponder on the simplicity of The Truths She teaches.
The Church teaches that we should look to Mary, the Woman of Scripture, for help and guidance, for perseverance and for consolation, indeed, for every Grace of God; that we should look to Mary as our Mother and Queen in Heaven.
Why is this a problem to many non-Catholic Christians? Such a simple thing to understand and accept?
No one denies that each and every one of us has his faith because it was given to us.
Our parents or our friends or even some preacher passed on the impulse into our souls that there is a God and that we should acknowledge Him; that there is a Christ and that we should acknowledge Him.

That is to say each and every one,
in the whole world,
in every generation,
has received his faith from another person!

Not only that but each and every one of us has also kept his faith with the help of other people, parents, friends and/or preachers.
So, not only have we
received our faith from others upon this earth but we also have kept our faith with the help of others on this earth.
I can not think of anyone who would say
that is false.
That being the true situation, then how much more can we be helped in our faith, in out journey towards Eternal-life, by Mary, Queen of Heaven?
It is perfectly clear that God intends that each and every person saved for Eternal-life will be given help and assistance from other people on earth. That is the way God works - through a third party.
(The greatest Third-party of course is Jesus The Christ the One-and-only Mediator between man and God.)
Therefore each of us needs and always did need, others on earth to help us on our way to Heaven.
Unfortunately, that is not enough!
I think it is safe to say that every Christian believes that we need Jesus,
as well?
We clearly perceive here that we need those around us to gain Heaven but that we also need assistance from Heaven.
But we have already observed that God always works through a third party which explains - and also proves that point - that each of us is given a Guardian Angel to help us reach Eternity.
There are some Christians that do not believe the soul of a person survives after death and that the person is virtually non-existent until the Second Coming.
That is a self-defeating argument because as we observed already the Person of Christ has risen to Eternal-glory and we, each of us, have a person in imitation of His! Therefore it is absolutely certain that each of us also remains in active existence after death.
So also and even more so, does Mary remain in active existence, joining her Son, as The Church proclaims, in Heaven not only in person but in body and soul, also, in imitation of her adored Son.
Nothing can be more simple, it seems to me, to realise not only do we need help on earth by our family, friends and others, but we also need help from Heaven.

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