Musings 2006/200 :-  The Holy Rosary;  Popes and The Rosary; Say The Rosary Every Day; Rosary - Repetitive?; Rosary gives Dignity to Man; Ecumenism the First Requirement; The real-Priest.  Inserted  5-Mar-06.

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Musings 2006/201 :-  To Hasten the Era of Peace;  The Immaculate Conception; The Patriarch St. Joseph; The Archangel - Raphael, Gabriel, Michael; All was Fulfilled at Golgotha; The Crime and the Pain of Slander; Gateway to Heaven.  Inserted  5-Apr-06.

Musings 2006/202 :-  Sexuality;  Tools; The New Adam; The Purification.  Ins.  23-May-06.

Musings 2006/203 :-  The Popes;  The Universal Church is Back in Business; The Future.  Inserted  19-Jun-06.

Musings 2006/204 :-  The Sacred Heart of Jesus;  A Lamb standing as it were slain; At The Last Supper; Devotion to The Woman of Scripture; The Holy Name of Jesus; The Mercy of  Christ; Saved by The Word of God; He is God-speaking-to-us; The Man is God;  Inserted  1-Aug-06.

Musings 2006/205 :-  God's Will and Man's Will;  From the first moment; Malfunction, abuse of freewill; Hell; The History of Mankind; How we use our freewill is absolutely our own; What is merit.  Inserted  31-Aug-06.

Musings 2006/206 :-  Limbo;  Conditional situation; to pray for the dead; Baptism; Our Father; Deliver us from evil.  Inserted  19-Sep-06.

Musings 2006/207 :-  Common Sense of Catholicism;  Peter, First Catholic Pope; To Whom Shall we go; Behold Thy Mother; Feed My Sheep; Prove There is no God; Summary of Catholic Doctrine; The True Church.  Inserted  9-Oct-06.

Musings 2006/208:-  Prayer;  Suffering - a divine Act of mercy; Hopes and Desires; Worldly Difficulties; Temptations; Consecrations; Humility, Simplicity, Fear of The Lord, Obedience; Sorrow for Sin; Unintentional Prayer; Citizens of Heaven; The Holy Trinity; Freewill of the Devil; Limbo; Way to Heaven; Back-flip of Theologians; Limbo - a Conditional Permanence;  Limbo will Become a Dogma; Jehovah Witnesses - the end of False Religion Inserted  13-Nov-06.

Musings 2006/209:-  The Amazing Faith of Atheists; Happiness of this life alone
should be the motive of conduct; Then we must give priority to ourselves; The Catholic Faith; Mary and Joseph; That Joseph is
The Father of Priests; That a man lay down his life for his friendsInserted  8-Dec-06.

Musings 2006/210:-  They Have Pierced My Hands and My Feet; Mary's Intellect was Incomparable; But He desired to eat this Pasch; They will create new life; Conscience vote; Accidents on the roads; Thank you sensible politicians; He wants nothing from us other then love; The real-Catholic; Are we really in the last times? .  Inserted  11-Jan-07.

Musings 2007/211:- Limbo; The Immaculate Conception; The Work of The Father; What a Glorious Privilege for real-Catholics; The Eucharistic Era; Catholic Priesthood; Mother of God; All Nations Will Turn to Catholicism; Preaching of Priests; Catholic Priesthood .  Inserted  4-Feb-07.

Musings 2007/212:- Love; Recognition, Acknowledgment, Appreciation; Truth is Humility; Humility and The Virtues; The Ministry of Peter; Christ Chose Humility; How does Evolution Work? Female Resistance; One, True Religion; Catholic Church Poised .  Inserted  13-Mar-07.

Musings 2007/213:- Evolution; Humility; Divorce; Man as Creature; Limbo.  Inserted  29-Apr-07.

Musings 2007/214:- Limbo; At death; Era of Peace; Era of St. Joseph; The Moon, the Sun.  Inserted  7-Jun-07.

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