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Musings 2009/236

The issue of abortion around the world must be one of the most important when considering the sanity of the human species.
In the unreal world where a person believes he may take benefits without accepting the results and the consequences, he builds around himself a fantasy land.
To take pleasure in sexual activity but refuse to acknowledge the child that issues from that, is self-deception; pure delusion.
To then proceed to have the child destroyed in the womb, takes self-deception to a higher plain, as if this criminal action solves the problem! - is further delusion.
The problem may appear to be solved because the unwanted child has been executed, but really, does that make the problem disappear?
Can the knowledge that I have had my own child executed, just disappear? Or that I have had someone's child executed or contributed to that?
The Church teaches that the Ten Commandments are written in the heart of every human being. Therefore in the heart of the person who has contrived to have an abortion, there is the interior knowledge that he has gravely offended God; that he has gravely offended humanity.
To pretend otherwise is self-deception.
This self-deception comes about also, in the politician who votes in favour of abortion in a parliament. He is giving approval for a person or persons to execute a child, a human being, in the womb.
(I no longer hear much about the myth that a child in the womb in not a human being or that he is not a human being until he is 24 weeks old - or at some other age. That fallacy has been well and truly thrown out by science who now have certain proof that the child in the womb is a human being
from conception.)
Many a person looks around the world and perceives that the world population is almost uncountable! Human beings have become so massive in number - as may be proposed to the gullible - that they have become pests and need eradication. At least, one is tempted to believe, the population needs to be curbed and curbed dramatically!
It seems that no one questions whether the world is really over-populated or not! There are just so many, many millions of people that one must think - falsely - the world is just not big enough!
I have looked at this over-populating fallacy before in these columns and given calculations that show that the world's entire population could very comfortably fit in Africa!
Then we have the
unwanted-pregnancy claim by the pro-abortionists. Someone doesn't want the child, perhaps the father, the mother herself, the doctor, family or friends, and this is our assurance that there is real evidence for the need to have the child in the womb executed!
It would be interesting to look at each individual situation. Is the child
unwanted because of a financial problem? Has the mother-to-be been pressured to have the child aborted? Is the mother-to-be afraid of the pain of childbirth? Is she fearful of how she will look in her fullness of child-bearing, perhaps ruining her beautiful figure? Will the pregnancy interfere with sexual relations? And so on.
The whole idea of sexual activity is the procreation of children. While it is true that sexual relations are also a part of proclaiming the love between the espoused, it is impossible to maintain that sexual activity is meant only for pleasure as if to suggest an unintended pregnancy can not be tolerated.
Here again we observe the horror of self-deception.
And really, it is not hard to observe.
The basic reason for sexual activity is to bring forth offspring. Simple.
I had a thought of an alien spaceship coming to earth, checking out its inhabitants. The ship was an observer and merely collected every possible information of the planet and its inhabitants.
Let me presume to write a part of their fact-finding report:-
The planet Earth (as it is named) consists of a very small population of merely six billion (they have as yet only one planet) most of whom are under-nourished and without proper housing and medical facilities, even though the planet is quite capable of providing food, accommodation and medicine for all (in abundance!); even though governments of the prosperous peoples - of all types -  have the capability to share their abundance!
Thus the planet also consists of the over-wealthy who have every commodity.
Generally, a form of insanity pervades this unfortunate planet and it perpetuates upon itself a disordered programme of infanticide under which it is legally acceptable that children in the womb of the female are terminated, at will.
This self-annihilation mentality results in the deaths of seven unborn human beings every two seconds (local time).
This deplorable, revolting situation, which points directly to an inner spiritual insanity throughout the entire race where the self-indulgent gluts itself on pleasure-seeking and the deprived experience every despair and insult, suggests to us that this planet is in an explosive time frame.
The planet is, for all intents and purposes, totally oblivious of the relationship between moral obligations and the resultant self-inflicted destruction!

It has lost the basic necessity of 'survival and continuation of the species'.

The planet's warring parties, the power-brokers, the morally insane, the deceivers of the planets history, the inept scientific and medical fraternity, the dulled and deceived citizenry and the weakened structures of the planet's religions, provide a vacuum into which perversion and suffering accumulate.
This general degradation of the planet's peoples creates a common-will inviting self-destruction upon itself; encourages self-hatred and hatred of fellow beings!
Under these awful circumstances, we report that there is little that can be done for this mentally diseased planet short of total overpowerment.
Even then any governing body we establish would be open to local infection of this unprecedented self-deception stupor and in becoming stricken could well make matters worse by sharing its knowledge of inter- planetary matters with

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