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Musings 2009/236

humans and in turn, perhaps, allow this earthly inner-spiritual-disease (which we regard as most crippling and extremely contagious) to spread into other planetary systems.
Because of this self-deception that reigns across the planet, truth in every aspect has been abandoned. The vital truth that the universe is a creation of The Uncreated seems lost to the peoples and a false pride dominates, leaving a real lacking of sensible knowledge. 
Accordingly, we recommend that all other intelligent species be kept clear of this planet which should immediately be designated as a 'quarantine area' and that any action by earthy inhabitants to venture past their planetary system be quelled; that a further report be made on this planet under a new generation in fifty years (local time).
We further recommend - strongly - that the next reporting team be
well  prepared and perfectly educated as regards this unfortunate planet.
Foreign Aid
The Obama administration of the US of A has overturned the Bush administration's requirement that foreign aid monies be NOT used to procure abortion! Those derailed individuals and organisations that have long fought that health funds be used for the evil of abortion, are celebrating.
Our own Australian Rudd government has followed smoothly with the same awful decision.
Both are leaders of socialist governments!
As mentioned herein before, socialism has been condemned by The Catholic Church and to my knowledge, this condemnation has not been reversed.
I feel sure that this will not change while socialist parties have the dishonest policies they continue to embrace.
Yet the Australian Prime Minister claims to be Catholic and there are other "Catholics' in his party. As well great numbers of Catholics voted for his party!
Just as a great number of Catholics in America voted for the socialist Democrats!
Viewing this disgraceful situation where The Church condemns abortion as immoral and where 'Catholic' politicians and voters take the anti-Catholic stand, an outsider would perceive The Church as something of a massive failure.
And can one really blame him?
While we who try to follow The Church's directives realise that modernism has virtually crippled The Church in the past century with the normally-fatal disease of deception, realise that She is still contains the Treasury of Truth in the Roman Pontiff and his Magisterium.
We are aware of The Church's virtual resurrection from death and that She will most surely defeat all deception, everywhere.
Out-of-control Youth
Modernist deceptions of course are not only an infection that has crippled The Church but it has entered into every sphere of human endeavour.
I have previously mentioned William Michael Kilpatrick's
Psychological Seduction, which delves into The Failure of modern psychology.
From personal experience I have observed the endemic affliction that has come upon great numbers of our youth (and I believe, the youth around the world) who have become violent, exhibiting unrestrained hatred and anger.
Police, educators, counsellors, universities and government agencies have no authority or limited authority to assist parents.
(Indeed it is quite likely that these very pillars of society contribute to the affliction, in the first place.)
Matters have to reach a stage where prosecution for a criminal offence against the child is made, before some social action can be procured.
At that stage the child has the choice of facing criminal charges before a court or to have counselling which, if successful and the child exhibits an intent to change for the better, will result in withdrawal of the charges.
Now this procedure results in an observable improvement because the out-of-control child realises that he is outflanked and overpowered and threatened.
One has to presume that the solution to this incredible problem, for each child, but also for the nation in which such children have become very, very numerous, is
not to be found in these tactics and that these tactics merely postpone the problem, cover up the problem or create temporary relief to all or to some of those concerned.
When the out-of-control child has reached the stage - having been threatened with court action and even jail, been counselled and forced to attend a round-table conference attended by police, counsellor, parents and supporters - the child is often required to further submit to other action. In the particular case I was involved with, the child was required to attend two sessions for
I append hereunder wording of a document the child was given as a result of the first session. (DBT stands for
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.)

P   Ideas for Alternate Rebellion

The following ideas were generated by DBT participants to offer non-destructive ways to express rebellion. Choose ideas appropriate to the situation. Choose ideas that will not be harmful to someone else in your environment.

Give an honest response instead of a polite one    Speak out rather than staying quiet    Dress in a countercultural style     Challenge statements when you disagree     Choose mediocrity rather than drama     Drop out of things that are not effective     Follow your passion rather than your expectation     Wallow in creativity     Give yourself time to play     Explore     Say no to family when they ask for a favour     Leave the light on all day     Get a butterfly tattoo     Write a letter to the editor     Run instead of walking     Turn up the volume     Food fight     Roll down all the windows     Play a different style of music     Leave things out of place     Shout or scream alone     Cheat on a food plan     Kiss your dog on the lips     Wear clothes that don't fit right     Express unpopular political views     Sleep late on Saturday     Wear jeans to church      Throw out plastic containers     Get your ears pierced     Fly a gyrocopter     Turn up the bass on rap music     Look into alternative religions     Buy something impractical     Break out of roles expected of you     Change your colour preference of clothing     Do things out of order      Do things out of character     Seek your own interests     Don't cook     Don't clean

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