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Musings 2009/237

When the Archbishop advised me that there was only one Priest in the whole Archdiocese who is capable of re-presenting the Eternal-sacrifice by way of the Tridentine Mass, I was astounded.
(I guess I had lost track of time.)
And have wondered about this ever since.
All of his current Priests have been trained towards the Novus Ordo Mass! Only.
Therefore they were so trained not long after Vatican Two and onwards. They have never been properly instructed on the meaning of the various priestly vestments and refineries of priestly robing as precisely demanded in previous centuries.
They were instructed during the transition from the Tridentine to the Novus Ordo when Church guidelines were in change and when modernists were injecting all sorts of novelties and innovations into all parts of Holy Mass.
And I begin to understand why our Priests dress slovenly in their priestly regalia.
And I begin to understand why they have little respect for Church guidelines for Holy Mass; or for church buildings, decorations, architecture and for the statues; or for the Tabernacle.
They have been educated in the Priesthood during a time of constant change, a period when modernism took every advantage to insert its poison into the very lifeblood of The Church.
Being slovenly in priestly regalia and for the surrounds and the norms of The Holy Sacrifice caused a disregard for other aspects of the Parish, including education and preaching.
It is not surprising then that the congregation, at Holy Mass, also dresses casually and shabbily as if they were on the beach.
It is not surprising that even Dogmas of The Church are also treated casually by Priest and parishioner!
As a result the great Treasures of The Church - the infallibility, the Truth; the Sacraments; the Priesthood - have become dimmed and shapeless to a great number of people who call themselves
If someone forecast, sixty years ago, that this would happen to the mighty Catholic Church in Queensland, whose Members were so ardent; not tolerating any deviation or watering-down of Truth, I simply would not have believed him!! I would have thought him a blithering idiot.
The Priests, Brothers and Nuns of that time, were so wonderful in my eyes and I believe, in the eyes of almost every Catholic, that we actually were
devoted to them. They were icons to us!
While it is true that, as a youth, I caused much heartache to Nuns and Brothers - I was quite a dumb, stubborn student in some ways - still I recall observing Nuns walking down the street and feeling a great pride in them and a sure love for them, even then.
(In those days one could easily discern a Nun when sighted for they were properly garbed and always went in twos.)
One awful result of the disaster of modernism, I surmise, is

that Priests in this Archdiocese
have lost the realisation
of the supreme dignity
of the Catholic Priesthood!

Priests do not regale themselves in Mass vestments to appear resplendent for the sake of the congregation or for their own sakes, no - but simply because of the recognition of their priestly state.

It is not a compliment to the person
who is a Priest
but a sign of the Priesthood
and a reverence
for the action he performs
in The Holy Sacrifice.

That is also why the Priest has a chair of honour at the Altar, even a throne. Some Priests have discarded this throne of their office as if they wanted to appear close to the congregation (he might erroneously explain) but he has not shown humility at all but a complete lack of respect for the Priesthood, probably (hopefully) based on ignorance (?).
I have always found in the true-Church that the congregation MUCH prefer the Priest to be an obvious representative of Jesus Christ at Holy Mass. I have always found that real-Catholics require the Priest to act as The Church demands, that is,
in persona Christi with all the dignity that that implies of the Priesthood.
Priests who leave the
leadership space during their sermon and walk amongst the congregation waving theatrical arms demean the Priesthood. The ad-libbing Priest at Holy Mass is in a world of his own, alien to Catholicism. The sermon of the Priest who makes outrageous statements is a scandal before Truth.
(For example, I recently heard the Priest make the outrageous statement to the effect that Scripture is totally useless as being an historical document!)
P  the Pope speaks about the "crisis of priestly identity" and the path which must be taken to emerge from this present day crisis. He writes, "a correct and in-depth awareness of the ministerial priesthood is the path which must be taken…in order to emerge from the crisis of priestly identity  P (The Roman Catholic Priest:  In Persona Christi Capitis. Michael Najim, Seminarian, St John's Seminary, December 9, 1999  Refer page 2 herein).
The Three Quests of Modernism To Destroy Catholicism

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