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Musings 2009/237

Based on my personal experience over the past forty years-plus, and on the experience of numerous real-Catholics who have confided their many misapprehensions to me of the invasion of modernism into The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, I believe that this evil has attacked Truth in three ways.
One - By attacking The Church of past centuries and suggesting that grave errors have been made by The Church and that we must now correct them. One Priest, for example, stated publicly that The Church took almost two millenniums to include The Holy Spirit in the Divine Praises, making this out to be a blunder of huge proportions.
Two - By teaching deception and lies. A great deception that went on for decades was doing things in the spirit of Vatican Two, which spirit had nothing to do with The Truth, but was a modernist interpretation of what they would have liked Vatican Two to have said (but was not said at all). Another awful deception was follow your conscience,

ignoring completely
the supreme importance
of having an informed conscience,
which is what The Church is all about.

Three - To avoid teaching he fullness of The Truth of Catholicism. Documents, guidelines and requests of the Pope, Bishops and other authoritive members of The Church have been either completely ignored or misrepresented.
This devastating thrust has had cruel results on the faith of many, many millions of Catholics. Failing to teach the fullness of Truth in seminaries, schools, RCIA meetings and from the pulpit, means that future would-have-been Catholics were doomed to be nothing-Catholics, anti-Catholics or pretend-Catholics.
It seems to me that that the first two stages have been put into place having disastrous effects everywhere. These two stages have been discovered, pin-pointed and treated by The Magisterium even as they continue to have cancerous effects prior to their full extermination.
The third stage, I suggest, remains in full swing wherever a post-modernist has any sort of authority within The Church.
It remains simply because modernism and post-modernism are virtually unknown to some congregations. Many even, in this ignorance, think they are real-Catholics as they perhaps unknowingly, pursue the goals of post-modernism!
It is hard to imagine in this day of incredible communication, that much of the world still knows nothing of the 20th. century all-out war between The Universal Church and every force of evil!! Or even between simple truth and deceptions in every arena of human endeavour.
Generations have been trained in post-modernism ignorance unaware of why their children and their grandchildren find The Mass
boring and appear to never have had the real-Faith, separating themselves from The Church as soon as they get their freedom!
What a tragedy it is that the stupendous Truths that The Church has to offer has been withheld from generations.
Recognition of God-made-man in the Catholic Eucharist remains completely unknown to them!
Embracing close communion with the Holy Mother is something foreign.
Love of the Angels and Saints, especially the great St. Joseph and the Archangel, has been withheld from their souls!
Love and obedience to the Pope and the wonderful comfort and delight that this entails, is a strangeness to them!
What is left to these unfortunates? The pure Faith has been shielded from them and they are thrown out to the wolves.
Noting the children - poor unfortunates - going through schools, including Catholic, learning nothing of the real-Faith, is a real heart-break; it is a disaster not just for The Church but for the world which relies absolutely on The Church's Presence.
Yet, just as the first two stages of modernist attack has failed, so will the third and final attack. Indeed, it has already failed; it but remains for the backward Parishes to realise that The Church remains intact, everywhere, AND that it is in the process of resurrecting as though from the dead.
Indeed, the fact that The Church has Her grasp on every community throughout the world, albeit in small numbers in many cases, Her Resurrection will be like wild-fire spreading over the entire planet in a very small time - this, when the forces of evil are removed and I suggest that this time is upon us.
We are reminded by history that The Church spread like wild-fire from Her infancy even in spite of devastating persecutions. But today, when She is already implanted in the world having children in every community in every nation, what will Her expansion be when She is released from the shackles of evil?
The world will become Catholic.
Queensland Election
It seems to me that this state of Australia is the Land-of-the-Queen, belonging to The Immaculate Conception.
Perhaps I am wrong?
Because the elections of the 21st. March, 2009 returned a socialist government to power (the Australian Labor Party) when everyone expected at least a very close result with the 'conservative' party probably taking over government.
That the ALP got back into power for a fifth term suggests to me that moral concerns in the communities are given little consideration, if any! It seems to me that the past, pitiful performances in government mean nothing to electors!
The ALP is not known for its stand on moral positions as recently attested to by the state of Victoria passing its incredible abortion law!
(Nevertheless, it was a grand moment when the Archbishop in that state made it public that no abortions would be allowed in Catholic hospitals in Victoria.)

Queenslanders can now expect
a mighty push for similar enactment
on the abortion issue in this state!

The only hopeful sign I can imagine for Queensland - like The United States and other socialist-dominated nations - is that the socialist governments will finally appear in their full and awful reality to the electorates which will, at long last, open its eyes to

the fact that moral law

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