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Musings 2009/238

He studies datings and gives excellent confirmation to those found in Scripture.
He looks at Egyptian and Babylonian facts of recorded history. He points to proofs of archaeology, ethnology and geography and he appeals to records and discoveries of such important personages as Dr. Woolley, Dr. W.F. Albright, Mr. J.L. Starkey and so on.
I for one, would certainly look to Sir Charles Marston and his comments of 1935 then to the wild statements of the National Geographic of 2008!
And I am again reminded of a wonderful article I read in Reader's Digest many years ago which made the claim that each and every scientific theory, without exception, once the full facts became available, was proven wrong.
It is an article I surely wish I had kept for it makes the clear point that if it's a scientific theory then it will be proved incorrect in due course!!
God is Good
It has been said that there are two gods. one is good and the other evil and that is why we have good and evil in the world.
It has also been said that God is not Good because His creation is full of evil!
If there is a God then He must be Infinite, Creator of all, Almighty. He must be Absolute in every way, needing nothing outside of Himself.
That is to say He does not need the universe - He does not need mankind or Angels. God, to be God, must be absolutely complete within Himself.
And so why bring forth the physical and the spiritual creation?
It seems to me that God having absolute Power and Infinite-fulfilment, needing nothing outside of Himself, could only have ordained creation

because it was a good thing to do.

The Universal Church says that

God created us
for our sake
for His Sake.

This follows neatly with my supposition that God brought forth creation because it was a good thing to do. That is to say, God brought forth creation because it was a good thing to do and so, He did so for His sake for our sake.
If we ponder on the inventions and the ingenuities and the constructions of man, we realise that man sets out to do everything to the best of his ability. Man makes things, to the best of his ability, that function properly and that are needed and appreciated.
Surely we must give God credit for the same intention - that all He created functions properly?
And when God brought forth creation we can surely believe that each thing that functioned properly was a thing of goodness. And further, that all things He created
did function properly.
That is to say that everything that functioned according to the Divine Will was and is a good thing.
In this context we can perceive that evil is therefore, a malfunctioning of what God created.
Somehow mal-functioning was inserted into God's functioning universe - but it could not have been inserted by God. The latter would reduce God to something less then The Almighty, in creating something that mal-functioned!
Even to day, we find in creation that the basic laws of the universe function precisely. The law regarding gravity remains exact. Laws regarding chemical reactions remain exact.
The earth has circled the sun for many millenniums - some scientific theories claim this has been happening for millions of years; some billions of years! This gives us an indication that God's laws of nature are constant and suggests to the sane person, that His laws of nature have always been precise and in turn suggests that all other aspects of creation were created in a precise manner.
It would be a truth that if a natural law was observed to deviate even in the slightest manner, then a reason for that would be found - e.g. another law of nature affected it. Science claims light travels in a straight line; but when it was observed that in a particular circumstance it did not, science looked for a reason for that. It was found that light, in passing a planetary mass can deviate temporarily from its direct path.
So it is in God's creation. Everything He created was accomplished in a perfect manner - everything. Where imperfection is found, then a reason exists and that reason must come from a source other then God.
That all seems common sense to me.
In that case goodness can be described as that which functions in accord with God's Will.
And because we observe that creation is made up of the spiritual and the physical, there must then be spiritual goodness and physical goodness.
Because God created all things and therefore holds all things in existence, then God's Own Goodness is reflected in His creation, as well.
Evil, therefore, can be described as malfunction in God's creation and again, one must assume that there is spiritual evil and physical evil.
Which leads to the question
Where did evil originate?
The account given us by Sacred Scripture of how mal-functioning entered God's creation fulfils the necessities of proof of how evil entered into a perfectly created universe - both spiritual and physical.
Scripture explains that a creature of God, an angel of supreme stature, beauty, power and glory, looked upon God's paradise and viewed Adam and Eve. In his observations it seemed to him that these mortals should turn their attention away from God and pay him the attention he deserves, he being the most splendid and glorious creature in existence.
Whereupon he enticed Eve and Adam into blatant disobedience, thereby drawing disorder and malfunction upon and into God's perfections.

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