Musings 2007/215 :-  The Silent Majority;  Limbo and ITC; The Immaculate Conception and ITC; The Faith CommunityInserted  12-Jul-07.

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Musings 2007/216 :-  Summorum Pontificum;  Benedict XVI; True Devotion to the BVM; Truth; Life; God's Will for Us Inserted  24th-Aug-07.

Musings 2007/217 :-  Reason for Existence; Summorum Pontificum;  Dignity of Man; Hell; Euthanasia; Era of Peace; Sufferings of Mary; Mary, Next to God. Inserted  11th-Oct-07.

Musings 2007/218 :-  St. Joseph; Prayer to St. Joseph;  New Heavens New Earth; Family of Deception; The Lord's Prayer; The Male Human; The Male, St. Joseph; So that the World may believe. Inserted  20th-Nov-07.

Musings 2007/219 :-  Where is the New Era?  The Church is also like Christ, being His Mystical Body; Catholic-Orthodox; The Natural Law; Peace. Inserted  17th-Dec-07.

Musings 2008/220 :-  Merits of Man;  The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ; The Mother; Joseph The Patriarch; The Archangel; The Chair of Truth; We sat in our pews; That every creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff; Wisdom. Inserted  15th-Jan-08.

Musings 2008/221 :-  The Natural Law;  The Immaculate Conception; Love; Spirit; The Triune God; In Politics; Natural Law Mission; Mortal Sin; The Mercy of God; Confession; Prayer;  Attack on the Priesthood; Our Conscience; Suffering. Inserted  6th-Feb-08.

Musings 2008/222 :-  The Eucharist;  Punishment and Dignity of Man; the Woman in Salvation; Spirit; Eve; Deception; The Value of Truth; Confession. Inserted  12th-Mar-08.

Musings 2008/223 :-  Truth;  This is The Mass; The Influence of Priests; For the Injury of the Human Race; The Universal Church; A Sin of Presumption; Mary's Sufferings; The Peace of Christ. Inserted  18th-Apr-08.

Musings 2008/224 :-  The Catholic Parish;  The Incredible Twentieth Century; World's Population; The Three Worlds; The Two Worlds; End of Deception; Catholic and Orthodox. Inserted  9th.-May-08.

Musings 2008/225 :-  Catholic-Orthodox;  What is lacking in Christian unity? GIRM; The Three Worlds; Remaining in our pews; End of Deception; Catholic and Orthodox. Inserted  9th-June-08.

Musings 2008/226 :-  Truth;  The Immaculate Conception; Catholicism, Orthodox, Protestantism; How is it possible to defeat evil?  Inserted  17th-July-08.

Musings 2008/227 :-  Papal Infallibility;  The Immaculate Conception; The Blood of Christ; Scripture; Our Mother, The Church.  Inserted  22nd. August,-08.

Musings 2008/228 :-  The Church of Common Sense;  Devotion to Mary; Purgatory; Evolution; The Human Person; Spiritual Keys.  Inserted  9th. September,-08.

Musings 2008/229 :-  Artificial Abortion;  World Deceptions; Theology; Basics of Creation; Human Dignity; Abortion Promoters.  Inserted  17th. October,-08.

Musings 2008/230 :-  Doubts in Faith;  Evil; Humanae Vitae; The Orthodox; Human The Mercy of God; Future Eucharist; Obama, President USA.  Inserted  17th. November,-08.

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