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Musings 2009/239

I think Keith will have passed the final test, becoming an eternal citizen of The Kingdom.
I know I was not deserving of Keith's friendship, but I certainly hope that my prayers for him have made up for my lacking.
In any case, I certainly feel that I have yet another supporter in Heaven - for, having gained Heaven, he must have forgiven me!
Jesus said Love one another as I have loved you!  (John 50  13  34)
As I have suggested previously, this is impossible unless we realise that God is Love -
Love is God - and that in loving as did Jesus, we do as He did, that is,

share The Love of God
with one another,

We are able to do that!
But that doesn't explain what Love is.
The Spirit of God is Love, the Love between Eternal-father and Eternal-son. The Spirit issues from Father and Son, being the Love between Them and this Love is so absolute as to be a Person - the Person of The Spirit.
Still, that doesn't explain what Love is.
It seems to me that The Father is Infinite-source and that The Son is Infinite-realisation and that The Spirit, issuing from Both, is
(And if The Father is Source - giving existence to all creation - and The Son is Realisation - giving design and purpose to creation - then The Spirit is
Eternal-power, as well as Harmony, giving energy to all creation.)
So it seems to me,

that Love is Harmony,

giving absolute Unity and Balance to The Godhead and unity, concord and balance to the whole creation, physical and spiritual.
I suggest, further, that

Love is Harmony and Power

and that we find this in our lives - in complete likeness of The Holy Trinity - by embracing Goodness and Truth.
Out of Goodness and Truth, issues Harmony; issues Love; issues Power.
It is Harmony that will fill the earth in the Era of The Spirit which, I contend, is upon humanity; from which will issue a period of Peace for the world so that the Truth of Christ may consume the hearts of every man, woman and child on the planet, whereby all peoples and nations will become Catholic!
It is a difficult thing to believe in God, in that he is Almighty, Eternal. We can perceive a God of ultimate power but the hard part is that He had no beginning.
Everything around us has had a beginning and seems to only have a temporary existence.
At one second a man was nothing and then, at conception, he suddenly had being! At one second he is alive but then at the next second, his body is lifeless.
But God had no beginning. He always was.
This great difficulty was probably the basic impulse behind Darwin's evolution theory, which in fact is even harder to believe when it all boils down.
This theory was developed along-side the big-bang theory where the universe began from one point exploding outwards to form the galaxies and the planetary systems, etc. This outward explosion will come to an end, the theory goes, and will then implode back to the centre point where it, in turn, will again explode - and this goes on.
In other words the universe itself had no beginning and seemingly, no end!
That is very hard to believe and it is much easier to believe in God, Creator.
In believing in One-eternal-creator, one can gain meaning in his life, where the atheist can only find meaning in the law of the jungle and so, discovers only hopelessness.
One can find hope in life after death where the atheist can only look to getting what he can out of this life, finding his destiny in the sensual pleasures and the quest for power.
One can find hope that evil will be vanquished and that Goodness will prevail where the atheist must accept evil as a permanent part of his destiny and so, succumb to every depression.
One can cling to unchanging Truth and believe in a high moral code, where the atheist must seek out ever-changing truths which fit in with his view of the universe; of evolution.
One can cling to love of neighbour, and to God's Love, where the atheist is unable to comprehend Eternal-love as perceived in Jesus Christ, and must see his 'love' as a clinging to physical and mental satisfactions, gratifications and securities of  this life.
His own security and long-life is of first priority and giving one's life for his friend means losing everything and is contrary to his code.
If these things are true, it is obvious that the believer is going to have a much better, happier, more-fulfilling life then the atheist.
It also seems much more logical more common sensical - even more intelligent - to believe in The Creator Who always existed.
Indeed, to believe in a universe which always existed and not in God, is a most difficult thing. It is easier, in that case, to believe that the universe is god, self-creating and evolving to some sort of god-head - which I understand some believe.
The trouble with the atheist is that there is no proof whatsoever that
there is no God. There is no scientific proof - no

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