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Musings 2009/240

The Three Pillars of Victory
The article on The Rosary Congress (refer page 2 herein) -  mentions
P  The "Pillars of Victory" are thus clearly made known to us -

Jesus in the Eucharist
and true devotion
to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  P

These then are characteristics of the Catholic.
However, the article forget to mention that, as it was the Pope who steered the barque to the two great pillars (as detailed by St. John Bosco), then another 'Pillar of Victory' must be included:- that of the Vicar of Christ, Peter.
I have found that if a person has one of these characteristics, then one may safely assume that he has all three. I have never found a person devoted to Our Lady who does not also have adoration of Christ in The holy Eucharist and faithfulness to the Pope--or vice versa.
Which means that if one does
not have one of these Catholic characteristics then one may safely assume he does not have any of them!
When the time comes for cafeteria-Catholics to return to the Fold, these are the three characteristics they will embrace.
As well, when people seek to join The Universal Church the instructions they receive will be based on and centred around, these three 'Pillars of Victory'.
These Catholic characteristics are the same characteristics the Apostles had--even more so, since they received first-hand their instructions from Jesus, The Christ.
These are the characteristics of the Fathers of Christendom.
These are the characteristics which may be perceived as the DNA of all spirituality, of all religion.
For adoration of Christ in The Holy Eucharist means we recognize God-with-us and His institution of The Priesthood and therefore, The Holy Trinity of Whom Christ is the Second Person.
Obedience to His Vicar on Earth, the Pope, means we recognize Christ's Truth for the world, and His command for unity in His Mystical Body, The Universal Church.
Devotion to Mary (and therefore, to her spouse Joseph and the Archangel and all Saints, Angels and Holy Souls) means we recognize one another--God's creatures--and love one another in accord with Christ's command, whether on earth, in Purgatory or Limbo, or in Heaven.
Year for Priests


published by the Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy, seems be a lead-up to the Year for priests, 2009/10, but it also highlighted the reality of true Catholicism: the Pope, The Eucharist, Mary.
In doing so, it highlighted motherhood, not only motherhood in the normal sense of the word, not only in consideration of Mary's Motherhood of Christ and of The Church, but a spiritual motherhood where religious orders adopted Priests, becoming their spiritual mothers.
In my previous proposal that motherhood is the most important work on the planet (not excluding the Priesthood), I feel that the Congregation's marvellous support of this spiritual motherhood of Priests confirms my proposal.
The Congregation reaffirms The Church's ancient support of Priests through prayer by Nuns which wonderfully extends the meaning of motherhood.
Motherhood then, can be viewed in three contexts;
1. normal motherhood;
2. spiritual motherhood as proposed by the Congregation;
3. Mary's Motherhood.
In the following quotation by the Congregation, we can perceive how the biological mother is also a spiritual mother, but that Mother Mary also participates.
P  For example, Giuseppe Sarto, the future Pope Pius X, visited his 70-year-old mother after being ordained a Bishop. She kissed her son's ring and, suddenly pensive, pointed out her own simple silver wedding band saying, "Yes, Giuseppe, you would not be wearing that ring if I had not first worn mine."  P
The Congregation further adds:-
PPope St. Pius X rightfully confirms his experience that,

"Every vocation to the priesthood
comes from the heart of God,
but it goes through the heart
of a mother!" P

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