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Musings 2009/243

Almost every second of the day involves a choice.
And then there are the eternal choices with regard to  entering The Kingdom of God or joining the dammed in hell.
It is therefore important that everyone be informed; that his conscience be informed;

that Truth be made available
to everyone.

It is important to know about choices--this choice and that choice and the consequences of both. And it is important to know these at the earliest possible age.
Even in the womb the child is learning and the youngest baby gains experience about choices learning from parents and family on good things to do and bad things to avoid.

However--this importance
about being informed
and about making choices,
has limitations.

For example, pre-school children and preps are not taught about sexual relations and associated matters.
C-FAM makes a point:
PThe New York Times reported today on a UNESCO sex ed guide, that advocates teaching 5 - 8 year olds about masturbation, ages 9 - 12 about abortion and orgasms, and by age 15 about "advocacy to promote the right to and access to safe abortion." P
While this horrific information is almost unbelievable, we nevertheless note that

even the anti-life,
pro-abortion human beings
are prepared to agree
that certain things should not be taught
to infants.

They would probably agree also that young children should not be taught about methods of murder and terrorism.
And so,
the timing of education is accepted by the good and the evil!
For the moment anyway (the anti-life side may be leading up to a different view in years to come, as humanity is trained year by year--they probably expect--to accept and condone more and more immoralities and anti-human behaviour).
The accepted opinion that everyone should have an informed intellect and conscience has been used (
abused is the word) by the anti-Christian alliance to breach the hearts and minds of our youth--and indeed of everyone.
They have just neglected to allow for age limitations and moral direction.
For example, in providing education in primary schools about sex, including avoidance of pregnancy and the choices involved, what results can we expect?
Promiscuity is a certain result.
(And might I suggest that promiscuity in the eyes of the anti-Christian alliance, is not a bad thing at all?!)
Children become prematurely interested in matters of sex which ensures that they gain a keenness to try it out--even while they may be unable to do so!
And consequently at the earliest opportunity they have been prepared and are ready, to experiment.
Further, on the 'educational' information given them they have a parallel keenness to avoid pregnancy, especially the girls, one might expect.
That is to say, on the one hand sex experimentation is indirectly encouraged in the minds of many children and on the other, pregnancy becomes akin to some awful disease.
We clearly see here that promiscuity is encouraged--perhaps to the point of obsession?--by the earliest promotion of the choice mentality in primary and secondary schools.

The point I am making,
is that the determined intention
to educate our children
on matters beyond
their need-to-know requirements,
has become a near-fatal disorder
around the world, certainly in Australia.

On the pretext of providing choices to youth,  ideas are implanted, deeply implanted, into the minds of out children.
And these implanted ideas are not just indirect (sometimes direct) incentives to try-out sex, condoms, perhaps even--homosexuality? -  etc.,

they are also strong impulses
to blur the difference
between goodness and evil.

This blurring of good and bad, results at least in part, from the education about choices in life and their consequences, all of which usually fail to embrace God, Eternal-life, eternal damnation, Jesus Christ, The Church or the Ten Commandments.

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