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Musings 2009/243

The Popes join Elizabeth also, in her heartfelt greeting to Mary, for they know that The Child in Mary's virginal womb will cause them, as well, to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
The Popes agree entirely with Scripture that all generations shall call Mary blessed. (Luke 49 1 41).
Peter is a true wonder of the world; a true wonder of all creation.
The Gifts of Christ
The Lord gave us The Universal Church the most marvellous Body in the entire universe, for out of The Church comes every good thing. Out of The Church comes Christ Himself in The Holy Eucharist as well as the other Sacraments, the fruit of the Priesthood of The Church.
Out of The Church comes Truth; comes the infallible Vicar of Christ and of this Vicar of Christ the great Saint Ambrose said (1600 years ago): 
Where the Pope is, there is The Church.
Out of The Church comes Mary, The Immaculate Conception, she who represented all of her children (i.e. The Church) beneath The Cross of her adored Son. While Mary may be part of The Church, she is also The Mother of The Church, Christ's Mystical Body.     


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