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Musings 2009/244

Christian Unity
It is a strange thing, this Christian unity.
Discussions take place on justification, the soul, devotion to Mary and the Saints, Purgatory, Scripture, the Real Presence, etc. etc.,

but the one and only discussion
that is needed,
is the role of the Pope
and his Gift of infallibility.

It is a great thing to get together and try to iron out differences and to highlight common beliefs and to show the world that an effort is being made to unite.
It is wonderful to have approved, basic common services where varying denominations attend to show some solidarity; to have approved inter-denominational prayer meetings.
But really, isn't all this meaningless if the essential subject is avoided or only looked at tentatively?
I often wonder why Protestants and Orthodox bother to join in discussions about unity because

they MUST realise
that it is all leading up to
acceptance of the Pope
as leader of Christendom.

Surely they do not think that The Universal Church will change Her mind on the leadership and infallibility of the Pope?
Surely they do not think that Christ's words
I give to thee the keys of the Kingdom  were meaningless?
They would be disappointed--I truly believe--if The Church finally agreed that these words were meaningless and only symbolic!
In their hearts, they know that they would spiritually die if The Catholic Church were to denounce Her Doctrines. For, while Protestants and Orthodox go their separate ways, I truly think they would deeply mourn if The Catholic Church disintegrated.
It seems to me that while they protest and even denounce The Church and Her Popes, that, deep down, they KNOW that without Her, Christendom would collapse and the world would be reduced to chaos and even destruction.
Protestants and Orthodox are like rebellious children who wander away from their Mother and their Father and their Home, but are unconsciously relieved when they are lovingly chastened and persistently encouraged until they are brought back into the family unit.
What would be the result if Catholicism was removed from the face of their earth?

The basic measurement,
the real standard,
the ultimate guideline,
on Truth
would be gone,

and the deceptions that now abound in Christendom and the current astonishing revolution within, where new forms of 'Christianity' are developing each day, would be multiplied even more.
If you looked at 'Christianity' in its innumerable denominations and sects of today, you would find that there is a 'Christian' group who believes ANYTHING you want to mention--a group who accepts homosexuality as a good; one that accepts divorce and artificial contraception and 'partners'; another which accepts that Jesus was only a Prophet or an Archangel; another who accepts that a man should have many wives; another who accepts that Jesus is in a spaceship up behind some planet
What would happen should The Church cease to exist? The incredible confusion, deception and disunity which now disfigures the earth, would reach the point where NOTHING is sacred and, in reverse, where EVERYTHING is sacred--both beliefs being the same, in that you can believe anything you want and that will be the truth; it will be 'sacred'!
Such a disintegration of Christianity would also be reflected in other religions and the point would be reached where each person on the face of the earth would have his own religion!!
Anything but the True-religion!
Catholicism - whether Protestants or Orthodox like it or not - is the one and only real stability on this planet and, as I have intimated, both Protestants and Orthodox already know this in their hearts.
And so I once more promote the idea that the one and only key to Christian unity is
Peter, the Pope, and his infallible Throne--he being the Vicar of Christ.
How great, how wonderful, how exquisite, how delightful, is the saying by the great Saint,

where the Pope is, there is The Church.

And what a magnificent delight it is to belong to The Church which has Peter as Her leader! What wonderful Faith assurances are the Protestants and Orthodox missing as they wander through life without Peter.
The Catholic finds real consolation in having the Pope and we could not imagine The Church without him.
Therefore, when deception is expelled from the earth and man re-finds his clarity of intellect and is easily able to perceive

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