Musings 2010/251 :-  Compromise; Barque of Peter; Its all bad news for modernism; Politics Australia 2010; Socialism; An Awful Sermon; Progress in The Church; Family As Base (FAB)

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Musings 2010/252 :-  The Immaculate Conception; Oh Fullness of Grace; Believe in Scripture? Her Soul Magnifies The Lord; The New Eve; Era of The Eternal-father; Tabernacle of God; The 2010 Australian Election.

Musings 2010/253 :-  Love; Human Ability; Love of Creation; Deceptions of The Twentieth Century; Ignorance of The Truth; The Silent Majority; Religious Deceivers; The Woman of Scripture.

Musings 2011/254 :-  Scripture; Written Tradition; Spirit Soul; Graciousness of God.

Musings 2011/255 :-  Church of Christ/Protestants; Christian Division; Orthodox; Anglicans; The Holy Eucharist/Golgotha.

Musings 2011/256 :-  The Earth; Opportunities; Faith; Nation's Constitution; World in Need; Jesus Christ Existed; Darkness upon the World; The World and The Truth; It was Good; Prayer Requests; Suffering.

Musings 2011/257 :-  Compromise; Power of the Remnant; Freewill; Sodom Gomorrha; Society St. Pius X; Humanae Vitae.

Musings 2011/258 :-  New Missal; Temple Police/Bishop Morris; Play on Words; Motherhood; St. Joseph; What is Faith; Pursuit of Union.

Musings 2011/259 :-  Petition Against Pope, Australian Bishops and The Church; Pascendi 1907 Pius X; SSPX; Obedience/disobedience; Saint John Paul the Great; Fatima; Vatican Council Two.

Musings 2011/260 :-  Missionary Activity, Spirit of Assisi and John Paul the Great; Prayer; Defeat of Evil; How Great is The Church; Modernism; Sign of Truth; Barque of Peter; Altar Rails.

Musings 2011/261 :-  The Era of Peace, Time, Space, Movement; Time; What Hope of Man; Three Days of Darkness; How it seems to me; Powers of the Saints; New Heaven New Earth; Obedience, Humility, Power.
The Immaculate Conception; The Church of Christ; Patriarch Joseph; The Archangel.

Musings 2012/262 :-  The New Era, Suffering, Suffering of Christ, Suffering is a Warning; Pleasure is Suffering; Blame Adam; Responsibility; The Eucharist - Come unto Me; Saints Embraced Suffering; The devil self-defeats

Musings 2012/263 :-  Atheism, Love your neighbour, God is incomprehensible, Miracles; Good and evil; Communism.

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