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Musings 2009/244

In all this, God would also give us a share in His Goodness--His very Purity-of-being; His Eternal-source!
And we, creatures brought forth out of nothingness! It does not seem possible.
God has no limitations and what He does is perfect and total and, in bringing forth creatures of innumerable numbers and varieties, he also brought forth a creature which He raises to share His Divinity!
Would God do less? Would God seek something for man below perfection, even His Own Perfection?
We perceive our human dignity in the fact that we are entities even as we are part of a communion. We as entities, have absolute freedom of choice and the ultimate choice is eternal-life or eternal-death.
That is a choice that
God does not have.
This ability to defy even the One Who created us, is an amazing Gift that points to a dignity beyond compare.
God is an Entity. I am an entity.
God is Immortal. He has given me immortality!
I am immortal!
Not only has God given us these stupendous Gifts, but He has given us His Trust.
(Perhaps this 'trust' is really 'certitude' because God is unable to lose. However, is remains for us to accept His offer of Eternal-life.)
In spite of our rebellion against Him and of our awful weaknesses and disabilities of mind and soul and heart, He has trust that we will overcome evil.
Yes, He has given us His Son to help us, and He is supremely merciful and encouraging. He gives us Guardian Angels to help us and other Patrons from Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo who support us in our conflict against evil.
He gives us Graces in abundance, so that each human will never be able to say
I was not at fault for my grievous offences against You.
Because, in the end, it is we who choose hell or Heaven.
We fail His trust or we confirm His trust!
In this, the dignity of man is seen for the incomparable miracle that it is.
P At that moment my soul was inundated with the Love of God. I feel that I am united with the Lord so closely that I can not find words to express that union; in this state I suddenly feel that all the things God has, all the goods and treasures, are mine, although I set little store by them, for He alone is enough for me. In Him I see my everything; without Him--nothing. P Sister Faustina--Diary.
One of the incredible things about our human dignity is the ability to realize that we are creatures brought forth by The Creator.
This is an amazing capability--this realization!
It is even more amazing because we can observe here

that in the use
of our unsurpassed dignity
before God and before all creation,
we are compelled to be humble!

Humility comes forth from the great dignity we have!
This seems a contradiction, but it is simple common sense in that our glorious dignity brings us to face the Truth:-
1. we are creatures brought forth from nothing;
2. all that we have has been given to us!
The only thing we can boast about is our 'yes' to God's offer and then, in accepting His further Gifts, we are actually enabled to be raised to a high plain in Heaven.
This common sense further makes us realize that it is through Jesus Christ's Infinite Merits that we are even able to reach Heaven, when before, it was deemed impossible to breach the gap we made between us and God.
Our humility is thus deepened through our great dignity.


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