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Musings 2009/245

since the beginning
of her life.

Luke could have used a different word to show that Mary was full of grace only at that particular moment as when he described Stephen "full of grace" (p????? ????t??) only for a moment in Acts 6:8 before he was stoned to death. But Luke insists that Mary was full of grace all her life. So indirectly we get a hint of Mary's Immaculate Conception in the account of the angel Gabriel's visit to Mary in the Gospel today.
The angel Gabriel greeted Mary, "Hail, full of grace!" (Luke 1:28) Normally at that time after greeting someone with "Hail" you would give them their title,

so "full of grace"
is actually a title or name
that the angel Gabriel gives to Mary.

And names were very important in that part of the world because your name told something about who you were.

So "full of grace"
describes Mary's very being. P

Father Tommy Lane.
The Virgin
P 27   7  14  Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.  P Isaiah
Again we observe that the Mother of the Christ will be someone extraordinary--and it is really extraordinary for a
virgin to conceive. It is further astonishing that the virgin would be the mother of God-with-us.
virgin is termed maid in some translations and even young woman in Jewish Scripture.)
However, in Matthew 1:23, the translation is the virgin, in quoting Isaiah 7:14. In Luke 1:27, Mary is stated to be a virgin.
The Mission of Israel
In Old Testament times, the People of God, Israel, constantly looked forward to the coming of The Christ. It seemed that the very purpose of Israel was to bring forth The Christ Who would be the Saviour of mankind.
When we look back in salvation history, we find that that is not strictly accurate.

What is true
is that the People of God produced
The Woman of Scripture, the Virgin,
who would bring forth God-with-us.

As the New Testament definitely clarifies, the Virgin conceived within her The Christ and this by the Power of God, The Eternal-spirit.

Therefore, Israel produced the Virgin
and from the Virgin,
God produced The Christ,
He being the Son of god.

Here is proof that the glory of Israel is The Woman of Scripture, for Israel brought forth The Woman as mankind's invaluable contribution to Salvation.
Once The Woman was brought forth, God's Archangel then directly communicated with
her seeking her co-operation in bringing Christ to mankind.
Consequently, God's dealing with the People of God up until the time of The Woman, was directed towards the emergence of The Woman as the fulfilment of Israel's mission.
It can thus be stated that, while Israel did indeed produce The Christ, it was done through Mary who was
the woman of Israel. That is to say, Mary represented Israel in becoming Mother and, because her Son is the Saviour of all mankind, Mary then also represented all mankind.
In the knowledge that the precise mission of Israel was to bring forth
the woman of Scripture, we glimpse the greatness of the woman, she being the equal of the mission of Israel.
We further rightly state that the mission of Israel was the mission of The Eternal-father and so,

we arrive at the Truth
that the mission
of The Eternal-father,
through Israel's
was the woman of Scripture.

The Eternal-father is Absolute-source; He is Eternal-goodness and He is Perfection-of-being and so we know that the object of His mission would perfectly reflect Him--and so, the woman of Scripture must reflect The Father as perfectly as is possible to a creature.
And once more, we arrive at the conclusion that
the woman was immaculate and immaculate from conception thereon, forever.
It is easy to understand then, why The Universal Church uses Wisdom to describe her:-
P 25   7  26  For she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty, and the image of his goodness. P
The Secret to True Adoration of Jesus, The Christ
From the beginning, whether we think of human or of salvation history, there existed a man and a woman.
However, we see in Genesis (3:15) that there would be conflict between
the woman and her seed and the serpent and his seed.
We know from prophecy and from history that the
seed of the woman was to be The Man Christ, the Saviour of the

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