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Musings 2009/245

People of God.

And in realising that Jesus is this Christ,
we then realise
that the woman
was Mary, His Mother.

Although The Christ was to be God-with-us, Emmanuel, (Isaias 7:14) the People of God--Israel--did not recognise Jesus when He did come; and when Jesus claimed to be very The Son of God, Israel declared that He blasphemed (Matthew 9:3--26:65 etc.).
The fact that Jesus The Christ is The Son of God--that He is God--has always been a stumbling block for many, down to this day.
This is easy to understand because the fact that Jesus is God-with-us is absolutely incomprehensible.
We can not understand this--no one can understand this. We are astonished; we are flabbergasted; we have the greatest difficulty in handling this Truth.
Although we can not understand this Truth we are capable of believing this. We can perceive the Scheme of God:- Adam rebelled, cutting off mankind from Eternal-life; this separation from God was impossible to repair; but all things are possible to God and He became Man and in His Death, He opened the way for mankind to enter Eternal-life.
We can perceive this, but really, we can not understand how this can be. So we accept this in faith believing Scripture and The Church's teaching, admitting at the same time, the Truth of it all is beyond our capability.
This incapability has been a means that the evil one uses to create deception and division out of which issues hatred and death.
Because this incapability is present in everyone, a particular difficulty presents itself before each of us.
Many 'Christians' believe that Jesus is The Christ and perhaps accept that he is God-made-man but the latter Stature becomes a hindrance to their faith. They then tend to ignore that Jesus is God and to concentrate on His unequalled greatness as
the Son of Man. They concentrate on His great love for mankind, on His miraculous powers and His Salvific-Sacrifice.
They just can not cope with Christ's Divinity and so concentrate on what they can comprehend. Unfortunately this reduces The Christ to a great leader of mankind, even if The Saviour of mankind and His Divinity is put into the too-hard basket.
Christ's Divinity is no such problem for Catholics for two reasons;
A. Catholics adore Jesus in His Humanity, going so far as to adore Christ in His human make-up--His Precious Blood; His Face; His human Soul;  His Sacred Heart; indeed His every thought and action.
Catholics see Christ as The adorable Mystical Body of which they are part and in being part, share in His Divinity.
B. Catholics are devoted to Mary, the Saints and Holy Souls.
The real secret of the success of Catholics in perceiving Jesus as Man and as God--loving and adoring Him as Son-of-man and Son-of-God--lies particularly, in this second reason--devotion to Mary.
Because, in the incomprehensible Truth of Christ's being God, an unconscious choice develops in the non-Catholic so that he reduces Christ to someone he can understand while the real choice is to adore Christ as God-made-man and accepting in Faith that which we can not understand.

Catholics do this easily
when they develop the greatest devotion
to Mary, The Mother of Christ.
The Woman of Scripture.

Their devotion to Mary is based on her Motherhood of The Redeemer, realising that the stupendous greatness of Mary is due totally to her Motherhood which she received as a pure Gift from The Almighty.

While her great stature
is due to her Motherhood
and to the Grace of God,
that does not lessen her stature.

So, the Catholic, in this truly delightful devotion to Mary, perceives her as she really his:- the perfect reflection of The Eternal-father; the Spouse of The Eternal-spirit; Mother of The Eternal-son.
In perceiving Mary's glories, Catholic devotion to her (and to all the Saints and Angels) is raised to heights of pure delight and holy amazement.
This devotion is comprehensible to mankind.
It is sensible and issues from common sense. This devotion is natural, Catholics realising that Jesus dearly loved His Mother and they would love her also.

This devotion to The Virgin
is the secret
to the true adoration of Jesus Christ,

for in recognising, acknowledging and appreciating Mary's fabulous role in salvation history, the Catholic is, at the same time, obliged to focus his appreciation on The Christ, He for Whom only was The Virgin created.
The greater the devotion to
The Woman of Scripture, the greater realisation and acknowledgement of her adored Son, He for Whom only was the entire universe brought forth!
It is in this way that Catholics readily perceive the Manhood as well as The Divinity, of Jesus Christ; and realise these Realities in the greatest fullness possibly to a creature.
Not having devotion to The Woman, on the other hand, means being at a disadvantage in realising to our greatest capacity, the Glory of Jesus, The Christ.
P III. On the Blessed Virgin and the Church
There is but one Mediator as we know from the words of the apostle, "for there is one God and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a redemption for all". (298)

The maternal duty of Mary toward men
in no wise obscures or diminishes
this unique mediation of Christ,
but rather shows His power.

For all the salvific influence of the Blessed Virgin on men originates, not from some inner necessity, but from the divine

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